Hatherleigh prides itself on being a town, and not a village. Yes, it is tiny, certainly smaller than a number of other villages, but - and this is important - Hatherleigh has a market, which officially makes it a town, and not a village. The market takes place every Tuesday and it is, as you'd expect from a  small, rural community, a cattle market.

With all the pedantry dealt with, Hatherleigh looks, and feels, like a village - the people are friendly and the town is lovely. The townsfolk have some great traditions, which include jumping into the river Lew on New Year's Day, to raise money for charity, a carnival in November, and a festival in July. The November carnival includes flaming tar barrel runs - not for the faint-hearted!

Every Jun, there is a half-marathon, called the Ruby Run, and Hatherleigh is either the start, or the finish for this event - it rotates annually between Hatherleigh and Holsworthy.
In case you were curious about the name, this part of mid-Devon is also known as ruby country, after the distinctive ruby-red cattle often seen here.