We're a small family business, and family values run through everything we do. We are cyclists ourselves, and when putting a cycling holiday together, we look to include what we would want from a cycling holiday. 

We love Devon, and we want to show you what a wonderful place it is. The best way to so is of course by bicycle and the best route is the Devon Coast to Coast one! Combining our love of Devon with our love of cycling led to it being but a small step to offering guided cycle holidays along the Devon Coast to Coast route.

We have cycled the Devon C2C route many times and know it well. In fact, parts of it we have cycled many hundreds of times! This means we have a good knowledge of the area, and we can tell you about interesting bits as we cycle along. Your guide is a qualified British Cycling Ride Leader, which means your in certified safe hands!

The real benefit of our cycling holidays is that it can be fully guided. Make no mistake, the Devon C2C route is NOT properly signed throughout, and it is easy to go off course. Having somebody that knows the route to guide you makes a big difference. Should you so prefer, our guide can fall back and cycle well behind you. Precisely to allow this to happen, we even have some small and light two-way radios, so you'd be able to summon your guide easily.

Should you prefer the self-guided cycling holiday, booking through us is still a very good move! Not only are our prices value for money and competitive, but we have NaviPacks(c) containing highly detailed maps that we will provide you with. Our NaviPacks don't only contain the maps, but also detailed guidance notes, and more information about the area. 

Don't miss out on a wonderful experience and make the right choice: choose to book your Devon coast to coast cycling holiday with us.