Plymouth Pavilions bike lockers

My kids are attending a two week event called Just for Kids, at Plymouth Pavilions. They enjoyed it so much last year we enrolled them again.

Anyway, while dropping them at Pavilions, I noticed quite a few bike lockers conveniently placed right outside the main entrance. How fantastic! My kids would be able to cycle there and back, thus adding to their sense of independence, while getting some healthy exercise.

After saying goodbye to them, I go to enquire at the front desk of the Pavilions, only to be told that they have nothing to do with the bike lockers, and that they have no idea how to go about using them!

They next proceed to tell me Plymouth City Council placed the lockers there, not them. Hmmm…except Pavilions is owned by Plymouth City Council, so I’m at a loss here!

But what exactly is the point of placing out bike lockers that nobody can use?

There is NO alternative cycle parking at Pavilions – not even a railing to which bikes can be locked. Sometimes I give up!

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