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I sent PCC a message, via their web site, on the 10th of August 09. I received a reply from somebody at PCC in which I was informed that my message has been put to the Sustainable Transport team for answering, with the answer target on or before the 24th of August.
Yesterday I e-mailed that person to enquire why I haven’t received any reply at all and she apologised and promised to chase it up.
This is the message I sent:

Cycling strategy
As per PDF policy documents available on the council’s site, it mentions that PCC will be liaising with various cycling groups regarding the strategy.As a starting point, please can you advise me which groups these include, as well as contact details for the groups and details of dates of consultations? Also, details of such consultations would be most welcome.The council’s policy clearly states that safety of cyclists should receive priority, and that traffic calming measures should not adversely affect cyclists. Given that this policy has been in place for many years now, please can you explain why the road narrowing on Ham rd, by the nursery school, forces cyclists into the road at the pinch point? This road change is a fairly recent one, and the policy certainly predates it, so perhaps you could explain why the council’s poliy was not followed? SusTrans guidelines clearly suggest that provision should be made for cyclists to be able to pass through such pinch points without being forced into the path of cars.
At the Chelston Meadow recycling facility on The Ride the new cycle path runs parallel to the road, before forcing cyclists to do a few sharp turns prior to the lane ending perpendicular to the road. Again, SusTrans guidelines are that cyclists should be allowed to merge with traffic on the road without being forced to stop. As such, the guidelines suggest a length of dropped curb as the cycle lane gradually merges with the road.
Passing over Laira Bridge, the cycle lane in fron of the Morley Arms has severe raised concrete parts at the start and end, which is in direct contrast to the council’s policy of providing smooth and well-maintained cycle paths. This is dangerous as it forces cyclists to be even slower crossing the entrance to the petrol station, as well as the exit. Could you perhaps explain why this is?
Along Billacombe rd, next to the boat storage and opposite to The Range there is a disused entrance/exit with railings that force cyclists to almost stop. Can these be removed, please as they are an obstruction. As per the council’s policy, cyclists should be given priority whenever reasonable to do so and I certainly think in this case it is perfectly reasonable.
Many cycle paths are overgrown with weeds, including the stretch between Embankment rd and Laira bridge. This is again opposite to what the policy states.Additionally, is there a named individual who holds overall responsibility for cycling provision in the city? If so, please will you provide me with that person’s name? Many thanks in advance.

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