I’m annoyed…

One of my favourite bike blogs is (was?) http://www.bikehacks.com. As the name suggests, it deals with all sorts of hacks and modifications to bicycles, ranging from brilliant to absolutely bizarre.
Want to make your own bike repair stand? Go to Bikehacks – there are several.

There’ another US bike blog that apparently has a large global following: http://bikesnobnyc.blogspot.com. While at times simple enough foreven me to understand, the Bike Snob is a Woody Allan film when I prefer action movies, or even mindless comedy.

Lately though I’ve noticed that Bikehacks is changing and becoming more and more like Bike Snob NYC.

Now you may say that is natural growth and that things must either change or stagnate, but I have a different point of view. See, when you build a blog as successful as Bikehacks, you owe your audience, because without them you won’t get the advertising revenue, nor the test product freebies, so you can’t simply start changing everything.

If you really wanted to out-snob the Bike Snob, then start a new blog, but DON’T bastardise something a lot of us like. If you do you’ll simply annoy me, and when I’m annoyed my attention goes elsewhere, somewhere better: http://hembrow.blogspot.com or http://kc-bike.blogspot.com

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