I’ve done it!

I sold my car and I’m now officially car free!

OK, OK, I have to admit there’s a gotcha here: my wife still has her car, so its not as if I never have any access to a car! Still, I’m pretty chuffed that at least as an individual I am car free!

Some interesting stats:

  • To cut CO2 emmissions in the UK by 1%, all that is needed is to reduce the speed limit by 10 mph. No new technology, no massive investments, just a speed reduction.
  • Cars consume most fuel and pollute more at the start of their journey when the engine is cold, therefore, walking for short journeys will reduce the amount of CO2 emissions by a disproportionate amount
  • The average commuter driving an average car, covering the average commute distance will produce almost one tonne of CO2 per person per year. With 25 million people in the UK commuting, that is the equivalent CO2 emissions that would fill almost 50 billion one litre water bottles every day, or enough to fill 89,000 typical three-bedroom homes, which is a city of some 200,000 inhabitants
  • By 2050 almost 60% of the UK population could be obese with the economic cost reaching £49.9 billion at today’s prices

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