A new toy…

I’ve been eyeing helmet cameras for some time now, but life being what it is I cannot at this stage justify spending money on a helmet camera.
After all, while it is nice to have, and very interesting, it is a toy.


Some time ago I made the mistake of signing a mobile contract with 3 and they supplied me with an LG U8120 mobile phone. In Plymouth at least I found MASSIVE coverage problems and towards the end of my contract somebody from 3 said it was a “known problem with the handset”!!  It’s a shame, too, as this would otherwise have been a very nice handset.

Anyway, as a phone it isn’t very useful, but it remains a mobile video solution, even if only of low resolution. Seeing as I already had the phone (and the fact that I don’t particularly care whether or not it gets damaged) all I had to do was make a mounting bracket to fit it to my handlebars. Obviously it must have a quick-release mechanism to avoid it being swiped!

And there you have it: a use for an old surplus handset!

The video below was made using this “bike-camera”:

Saltram House and back – 12 Oct 09

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