Another bike!

OK, it just HAD to happen: sooner or later I had to aquire a road bike. This eventually took the shape of a dangerously-close-to-brand-new Raleigh Pioneer. It’s a city bike, complete with proper mudguards and a carrier and it’s in immaculate condition.

This changes things for me in a number of ways. Firstly, this bike will become my main transport to work and back. Given that it is a sensible city bike, complete with road tyres, it stands to reason I’ll make better progress riding this than a full-suspension MTB with knobbly tyres. Another plus is the carrier, which means I can get my backpack off my back and arrive at work with a back that is far less sweaty!

But possibly the biggest problem is that I now have to find names for the three bikes. Not normally being one for assigning names to inanimate objects, I’ll have to think carefully.
I could go for something exotic, like Black Prince for the full-suspension MTB, Red Baron for the hard-tail MTB and Silver Spirit for the hybrid, or I could simply refer to them by colour, e.g. Black, Red and Silver.

I’ll post some pics of the bikes at some stage. Till then, I’ll mull over what to call them.

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