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I used to follow a blog entitled “Crap cycling and walking in Walthamstow” – – but I’ve had enough of it!

Now being a bit of a cycle advocate myself, I’m all for pointing out what is wrong, such as poor cycling facilities, or just how cyclists are being ignored by councils. However, there is a line between pointing out bad things and becoming so fixated with all things negative that you have no room for anything else.

That blog, I feel, has become a cesspit of negativity that I simply do not need, nor want, in my life.

I’ve been there: fighting off practically the entire world, so busy at defending whatever good cause that all you actually end up doing is alienating a lot of good people. So how does THAT help anybody?

Some of those idiot drivers that almost run cyclists off the road may work with you, or be relatives, or neighbours. In the end there is obsolutely no point in merely turning them into enemies. All that will achieve is increase the levels on animosity already on the roads. Yes, by alienating all these people with constant negativity we may indirectly cause another cyclist’s death!

It is far better to turn them into allies, or at least get them to a point of neutrality. This is achieved not by spewing bile at them, but through dialogue. Nobody ever really “wins” a war, but you can win a friend.

This is not saying that we should be push-overs for fear of angering people. It IS saying that we should avoid being negative simply because we can be. All simple negativity ever achieves is to make the world a less nice place for everybody, and we don’t want that, do we?

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Stand your ground whenever your beliefs or your principles are challenged, but don’t fight just because you can. In an age of disinformation, we often play right into the hands of those we disagree with, thus making their job easier. When we behave in a manner that can easily be seen as antagonistic and unreasonable, should we be surprised if that is how we end up being labeled?

In my life I’m shaving off negativity where possible. This is why I am no longer willing to read anything from anymore.

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