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My bike, by some graffiti, in Plymouth

The Spirit Of Adventure

Hey there,

Well, on the same day the pic above was taken, I had quite a bad bike crash. I was knocked unconscious, and have a gap in my memory, so can't ever be sure what happened.
However, looking at my bike's wrecked front wheel, it's clear something got caught in my spokes, as many are broken, and some were ripped out of the rim, nipple and all.

Seems I hit the deck too fast to even put my hand out, and the first part of me that touched the road was my shoulder, then my head. My helmet's destroyed, and the helmet itself left bruising on my head.

It happened on a downhill, on a narrow rural lane. Usually I go down there at 35 to 40mph, but on the day I was braking, as there was a car driving uphill, towards me. I slowed down enough so I could pass it on a wider bit, and the driver did nothing wrong.

However, I suspect the car's wheels may have flicked something into the spokes of my front wheel, as the wheel locked for a moment, then suddenly the bike felt wobbly. Next thing I know, I woke to see four people standing over me, asking if I was OK.

When I tried to get up, I realised something was seriously wrong, and two of the people that stopped gave me and my bike a lift home - just as well, as my bike's front wheel was destroyed. Later, I went to have my shoulder x-rayed, and it confirmed what I suspected: my left collarbone was broken into three different pieces. One piece had pierced my skin, but fortunately retracted again. I also broke four ribs.

This has major implications for my cycling, as I'll be off the bike for at least six weeks. It also means my Mass Campout is postponed, and my planned combined C2C/Hadrian's Cycleway trip - around 360 miles over six days - is in doubt.

On the bright side, I'm also planning on cycling the Rhine, from source to sea, during May next year, so I'm spending time on planning that.

Now over to you. In every newsletter, I ask for updates about what you have been up to, but it seems you're a shy bunch. That's OK - I'll keep asking. Sooner or later I'll hear back :-)

Take it easy,

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The Good News

The EU has formally announced that the sale of new internal combustion engine cars will be banned from 2035.
Many people, including me, feel that's too far off into the future, but at least it's a huge step to ending our reliance on oil.

Did You Know...?

Most of you would be happy about doing a century ride, but are probably unlikely to do two such rides on consecutive days.
Andrew Hellinga did exactly that, with the notable exception that he did so while cycling backwards! In doing so, the Austrian set the world record for the longest distance cycling- backwards, after cycling nearly 210 miles, over two days in 2013.

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breaking my collarbone. And yes, that's my
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Random Internet Link

I usually read books before I recommend them, but this one simply seems too good to keep a secret. Called The Frayed Atlantic Edge, it tells the story of David Gange's jaw-dropping kayaking from the Shetlands to the English Channel.
I suspect you'll be as impressed by that as I am. Go have a look:

Will's Unexpected Bike Hack

More a security tip than a bike hack, this time. Consider getting a fairly small padlock, and when locking your bike, use the padlock in addition to your other lock(s). How? Simple: around the chain and through the chainring. Any thief trying to ride off on your trusty steed, after having cut the other locks, may come to a very sudden stop.

Do you have any hacks to share? Well then, don't be shy! Simply reply to this email.

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