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Oh, there you are!

I have a copy of Mike Carter's most excellent book, One Man And His Bike, to give away, Most of my giveaways are done via, but this one's different. This one is just for you lot, who signed up to this newsletter.

How to enter? Simple: just reply to this email, telling me what your cycling plans are for the rest of the summer. It doesn't have to be big, round-the-world plans - just going for a ride somewhere you've never been, or perhaps a ride to a park for a picnic.
As usual, I'll use the online random picker that I always use to select the lucky winner's name. The winner will be announced in the next edition of the newsletter.

This is simply me trying to say thank you to you, even if only in a small way. I'd love to be able to buy each of you a copy of this book, but sadly that's beyond my ability.

Moving on, I want to ask you (yes, you!) a favour: if you have a garden, please go sign up to become a Welcome To My Garden host? It's free to become a host, and free to use the service. When you look at the map, you'll see that Belgium, where it started, has loads of hosts. Wouldn't it be great if we could get the UK to a similar level?

This part's in bold, as I fear you might not read it otherwise. What are you up to? What adventures do you have planned? Simply reply to this email, and tell us. Please also tell me if you're happy for me to include your first name, plus some detail, in a future newsletter? I operate on the principle that I don't have your permission, unless you explicitly grant it.

May the wind be forever on your back,

Will you be brave enough to click the Blast From The Past button, and see what old WillCycle post it takes you to?

The Good News

India has become the latest country to ban single-use plastics. As the world's second most populous country, India has a HUGE problem with single-use plastics, and is drowning in it. The new law should start making an impact on that soon.

Did You Know...?

On average, just the process of producing a car generates enough CO2 to account for 42g of CO2 per kilometre driven, for the car's lifespan (generally considered to be just 12 years)

What Did You Miss On WillCycle?


We  all  leave  footprints The only difference is what kind of footprints. By now you will know that I'm a huge fan of wild camping and cycle touring. Like everything else, both those activities can and do leave footprints. Some  footprints  shouldn't  last When wild camping, the number one rule is simply this: Leave No Trace. Sure, at the spot …
Footprints in sand.

But what about your privacy!!?

But  what  about  your  privacy!!?
Is  live-sharing  your  location  always  bad? I recently created a Where's Will Now page. That page contains an embedded map. When I manually switch on live-logging, the RideWithGPS app on my phone will update that map, and anyone looking at it will be able to see my location. Some will think that in doing so I completely gave up my …

Showcased T-shirts

Link Ride

Nice and simple. No airs and graces.
Link Ride


One of my personal favourites

Random Internet Link

Artificial Intelligence is slowly taking over. This site generates photos of people, but these are not real people (though most of the time you'll struggle to believe it).
Appropriately, the site is called This Person Does Not exist, and you can find it here:

Will's Unexpected Bike Hack

This edition's trick is from Gazza_D: Put your keys on a small carabiner. Doing so will allow you to easily hook your keys to a loop in your panniers, backpack or bar bag. That means no more digging through everything to find keys that may otherwise have slid down to the bottom.

Do you have any hacks to share? Well then, don't be shy! Simply reply to this email.

And Finally...

I spend considerable amounts of time producing The Spirit Of Adventure, and you receive it for free. Please do me a favour and forward it to someone else who you think will appreciate it?

And if you received this newsletter because someone forwarded it, you can subscribe quickly and easily at
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