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My bike, somewhere along the Macclesfield canal

The Spirit Of Adventure

Hey there,

Well, I've done the Cheshire Ring ride, but that didn't quite go to plan. Covid's no fun, and even when you're supposed to be over it, the effects remain. If you haven't had it, do your best to avoid getting it!
What I experienced on the Cheshire Ring ride put doubt in my mind if I'd be ready for my 350 mile C2C & Hadrian's Cycle Way loop ride in August, but time will tell.

Still, life goes on, and so must we, right? With that in mind, I'm already working on a new route, roughly 130 miles long, called (at least for now) the Brighton Bimble. As is my preference, it's a circular route, but with a musical connection: remember Keane's hit The Sovereign Light Café? Well, ever since I heard that, I promised myself that I must go visit that café (it's basically a chippy) and this route deliberately includes a visit there.

In other news, I will soon have a one-pot camping cookbook available. The (very basic) recipes are available for free on, and of course you're welcome to simply print those off. The recipe book's version of the same recipes is improved, and far clearer, and it will be a pocket-sized book. I expect not everyone will want to cart along some printed A4 sheets, so I do think there's value in the recipe book.

Just a reminder, I'm on the new podcast that should be out round about the same time as this newsletter, so do go have a listen.

Now over to you. In every newsletter, I ask for updates about


Will you be brave enough to click the Blast From The Past button, and see what old WillCycle post it takes you to?

The Good News

We all know renewables are the way forward, but there are challenges associated with them. Sometimes, the wind doesn't blow (though as cyclists, you will know how rare that is) and of course at night the sun isn't shining.
Scientists are making remarkable breakthroughs though, and are saying that solar energy can now be stored for up to 18 years.

Did You Know...?

As from March this year, car manufacturers in France, by law, have to advertise walking or cycling, as well as public transport.
Such a simple law to pass, with such potentially enormous implications.
If only the UK would follow in their lead!

What Did You Miss On WillCycle?

I've reduced this section to just the last 2 blog posts, to declutter the newsletter a bit

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This edition's showcased T-shirts

I Am The Engine

This cycling T-shirt design requires no explanation: you quite literally are both the passenger and engine of your bicycle.
I Am The Engine


Obviously I'm biased, but I quite like this design, and I think the colour combo shown works well.

Random Internet Link

New feature! I'll be including a Random Internet Link in each newsletter.

For obvious reasons, I won't hide where the link takes you behind a button, like I do with Blast From The Past. You know Blast From The Past is safe, as it only ever points at WillCycle. If it helps, obviously I've visited the link below on my own laptop, and I take information security rather seriously.

Ever struggled to locate your mouse cursor on-screen? Of course you have! Well, struggle no more - Pointer Pointer is here to save the day. Pointer Pointer is a bizarrely addictive site that simply loads a new random image every time you move your mouse. The catch? In the image there will be a person pointing at your mouse cursor. Find it at

Will's Unexpected Bike Hack

Especially laden bikes can become a bit tricky to keep upright when leaning them up against a wall, a tree, or similar. Next time you have an old inner tube that's beyond repair, cut it up and keep a loop over your handlebars, near the front brake.

When stopped, hook it over the front brake, so your bike will effectively have a parking brake. Especially when leaning up on uneven ground, the now locked front wheel will help ensure the bike doesn't move and fall over.

Do you have any hacks to share? Well then, don't be shy! Simply reply to this email.

And Finally...

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