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Coffee Ride cycling cap

The Spirit Of Adventure

Oh, there you are!

First things first: the winner of Mike Carter's rather excellent book, One Man And His Bike is... (insert drum roll here) Phil! Congratulations! I emailed you, asking for your address.

By the time you read this, I'll be getting ready to go cycle my newest route, the Brighton Bimble. Like most of my GoCycle routes, it is around 100 miles long, but I'll be adding to that by doing a there-and-back detour to Bexhill, specifically to go visit a greasy spoon.

But not just any old greasy spoon! Oh no, this one is The Sovereign Light Café! Yes, the one after which Keane named their song! Ever since I first heard that song I promised myself that I'll go visit the Sovereign Light Café, and this ride will be my opportunity to do so.

Bike rides are more about the journey than the destination, but if an excuse like this presents you with a chance to extend a ride, you'd grab it, wouldn't you?

And on that topic, what is the most superfluous reason you ever used to go for a bike ride? Simply reply to this email to share your story.

And now I'd like to ask you a favour: Please will you post a link to in your local Facebook group, or any online cycling forum? I'm trying to grow visibility of the site in search engines, and inbound links make a huge difference. If you don't want to, that's OK. After all, I'm asking for a favour, not barking a command. However, if you can, I'll be extremely grateful.

May the air forever remain inside your wheels,

Will you be brave enough to click the Blast From The Past button, and see what old WillCycle post it takes you to?

The Good News

Scientists tested a drug on patients with a certain kind of cancer, and the tumours vanished for every patient on the drugs trial.
Even though there were only 14 patients, such a success ratio was previously unheard of in oncology.

Did You Know...?

The furthest distance cycled underwater is 6.7 km (4.1 mi) and was achieved by Jens Stötzner (Germany) at Bibert Bad, Zirndorf, Germany, back in 2013.
Just for a laugh, see how far you can cycle while holding your breath!

What Did You Miss On WillCycle?

Back to basics - how to wild camp in the UK

Camping  in  the  wild,  or  wild  camping? What exactly IS wild camping? As a South African, I was baffled when I first encountered the term "wild camping". I soon discovered that, to most Brits, if you say "I'm going camping", what they understand you to mean is that you'll be camping on a formal camp site, with a varying range …
Wild camping in the rain

The Rhine - a logistical nightmare

The  Rhine - a  logistical nightmare
Cycling  the  Rhine The Rhine is one of Europe's biggest rivers, and is steeped in history and folklore. From spectacular Alpine views, around the source of the river in Switzerland, to battle-scarred WW2 (and earlier wars) fortifications, to fairy-tale castles, beautiful valleys adorned with vineyards, plus much more, it has something for everyone. No wonder that the Rhine cycle route …

Showcased T-shirts

Zombie cycling cap

OK, not a T-shirt, but a cycling cap that I find quite amusing
Zombie cycling cap

Came - women's cut T-shirt

Well, what can I say?
Came - women's cut T-shirt

Random Internet Link

This link is to what I consider to be the very best site on the entire Internet! It's called Instructables, and it has thousands of often extremely useful How-To's for making or building almost anything.
Don't believe me? Go see for yourself, at

Will's Unexpected Bike Hack

Another trick from Gazza_D: When fitting a tyre to the rim, always line up the valve hole with the tyre logo. That way, once you located a puncture on the inner tube, it becomes far easier to find the corresponding location on the tyre, so you can find and remove the offending object that caused the puncture.

Do you have any hacks to share? Well then, don't be shy! Simply reply to this email.

Tales from the awesome crowd

Who's the awesome crowd? Well, that's you lot, of course. Here's what some of you are up to:

  • Phil is cycling the Isle of Wight on his Urban Arrow e-assisted cargo bike (I'd love to own one of those!) while on a family holiday.
  • Gaz is doing "nothing spectacular" - just leading more Sustrans rides, and maintaining his streak of cycling every day since March. I call both of those rather spectacular!
  • Mark's clearly fitter than most of us - he's training for some triathlons coming up. Nothing serious - just middle distance and Olympic distance (gulp!). Oh, and several time trials, and in between, he'll be bike-packing the Calder Divide, as practice for riding the Hebridean Way.
  • Andrew will be joining me for part of my Brighton Bimble ride.

And Finally...

I spend considerable amounts of time producing The Spirit Of Adventure, and you receive it for free. Please do me a favour and forward it to someone else who you think will appreciate it?

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