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Will, from WillCycle, cycle touring along the Brighton Bimble GoCycle route

The Spirit Of Adventure

Hello again!

Since the last newsletter went out, I went to cycle my newest route, the Brighton Bimble. Sadly, I didn't complete the ride, as after 91 miles, my derailleur packed up and I was reduced to just 2 gears on the back.

It wasn't all bad though! I saw some stunning parts of the UK and met some new faces. With hindsight, my fitness wasn't anywhere near where it should have been, so I suffered a bit, but that's all part of the adventure, isn't it?

In the pic above I'm wearing my new Life Behind Bars WillCycle cycling jersey - I still have two of those, in medium, available on, in case you're interested. Oh, and yes, that is a stylised tattoo of my bike on my left calf.

Enough about me - what have you been up to? Been on any nice adventures, or perhaps found a nice new route to cycle? Do let me know, by replying to this email.

We've been having more scorching weather, and it's frightening to see how tinder-dry everything is rapidly becoming. Still, we probably have only another four weeks of warm weather, before autumn hits. After all, there are only 135 days till Christmas!

That neatly brings me to the point: cycling-wise, how do you cope with winter? Do you simply stop cycling? Do you ride through winter? Do you go touring, or better yet, cycle camping in winter? Let me know, then I'll include it in the next newsletter.

May the wind always be on your back,

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The Good News

We're on the cusp of runaway climate change, and flying contributes disproportionately to that.
However, more realistic and sustainable travel options are becoming available, including a new sleeper train, linking London with Stockholm.

Did You Know...?

Since 2016, bicycles outnumbered cars in Copehagen. Denmark is a very cycling-friendly country, with 9 out of 10 people owning a bicycle, compared to just 4 out of 10 owning a car.

What Did You Miss On WillCycle?

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Showcased T-shirts


Just a simple design. No words needed.

Life Behind Bars - women's cut T-shirt

Showing a view instantly recognisable to anyone who ever cycled a bike with dropped bars, this was my 1st ever T-shirt design, and remains my personal favourite.
When you wear this, it tells the world everything about you.
Also available in a unisex cut T-shirt.
Life Behind Bars - women's cut T-shirt

Random Internet Link

Have you ever looked at other people's family photos and thought "What were they thinking?"
This site has plenty such photos!

Will's Unexpected Bike Hack

Yet another hack from Gazza_D: When fitting a Garmin (other brands are available) or front/rear camera to your bike, buy some self-adhesive cable-tie anchors, to attach a safety line to, if the device doesn't have an attachment point.
That way, if the mount came loose during a ride, the gadget will still be attached to your bike, instead of bouncing down the road, before getting squished by an HGV.

Do you have any hacks to share? Well then, don't be shy! Simply reply to this email.

Tales from the awesome crowd

Who's the awesome crowd? Well, that's you lot, of course. Here's what some of you are up to:

Well, that's disappointing - apparently none of you are doing anything, or if you are, you signed some secrecy agreement that forbids you from telling anyone about it. Go on, let us know what you're up to!
It needn't be to go cycling around the world - just a bike ride to a local park, to have a picnic, is also an adventure.

And Finally...

I spend considerable amounts of time producing The Spirit Of Adventure, and you receive it for free. Please do me a favour and forward it to someone else who you think will appreciate it?

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