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Oh I do want to live by the seaside, oh yes, I do want to live by the sea...

The Spirit Of Adventure

There you are!

Since the last edition of The Spirit Of Adventure, I've gone cycle camping, to test out my new, lighter tent, as well as my new camo netting - proper stealthy camping!

Time waits for nobody, and the season are changing. Already it's autumn. There's something about autumn that always makes me feel a bit melancholic. Do you feel that too?

This weekend I have my Penzance to Plymouth ride, over three days, and I hope the weather is kind. Already, the days are getting noticeably shorter. The heatwaves we had resulted in many trees becoming quite dried out, and so this year trees seem to be losing their leaves earlier.

Autumn is the season when most people stop going off on cycling adventures, but I'm determined to still keep going. Last year I had no chance to, so I'm hoping I'll have an opportunity to go camping in the snow on Dartmoor. If it even snows this winter.

What about you - what are your plans? Will you keep riding through autumn and winter, or will your bike gather dust in the shed?

May the coffee stops always be open when you get there,

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The button will only ever point at WillCycle.

The Good News

France is implementing a scrappage scheme with a difference: the country will reward its citizens for scrapping their old car by giving them up to to spend on a new cargo bike.

Did You Know...?

Robert Marchand set a Hour record on a track, by cycling 14 miles. Now before you think that 14 miles in an hour, on a velodrome track, isn't impressive, wait for the next bit: that's the record in age 105 and over category!
How would YOU be able to cycle in an hour at age 105?
Sadly, Robert passed away, at age 109.

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Cuckoo Trail

14 miles of traffic-free bliss in East Sussex The Cuckoo Trail runs from Heathfield to Polegate, passing through Hellingly, Horam, and Hailsham. The trail got its name from an old tradition of releasing a cuckoo at the Heathfield Fair. This is a disused railway, and so is mainly flat, with gentle gradients. It forms part of NCN 21. Be aware …
Cuckoo Trail

Hornsea Rail Trail

Hornsea Rail Trail
From Hull to Hornsea The Hornsea Rail Trail links the centre of Hull with Hornsea, 15 miles further along a disused rail trail. Just over half of the route is tarred, with the remainder quite decent compacted gravel. This trail forms part of the Trans Pennine Trail, and is signed as National Cycle Network route 65 (NCN 65). Though traffic-free, …

Showcased T-shirts

Old Cyclists Never Die, They Become Audaxers

If you've ever seen the average age at an Audax event, you'd realise how true this is.
Old Cyclists Never Die, They Become Audaxers


This is an image of an actual bicycle patent from the late 1800's

Random Internet Link

Music Map is a site that asks you to enter the name of a singer, or band, that you like. It will then ring up a whole screen full of other bands and singers, whose music you're statistically inclined to also enjoy
Go have a look:

Will's Unexpected Bike Hack

Ebikes with a motor in the rear wheel, cargo bikes and bikes with hub gears all have one thing in common: removing the wheel to replace an inner tube is far more difficult that on a bike with QR skewers.
But who said you had to remove the wheel? Why don't you simply pop the tyre off the rim, while the wheel is still on the bike, then find and patch the puncture? When done, check the tyre to remove whatever caused the puncture, then pt the tube back inside the wheel, push the tyre back onto the rim (a TyreGlider will hugely help here) then just pump it back up.

Do you have any hacks to share? Well then, don't be shy! Simply reply to this email.

And Finally...

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