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Oh there you are!

For starters, apologies for this newsletter being late. I actually had it ready to go, but forgot to schedule it to auto-send. Yes, sometimes I'm a total numpty!

Summer's arrived with a vengeance, and already the big tree outside my home office window is showing noticeable signs of heat stress. That makes me worry for what state it (and other plants) will be in at the end of summer.

Life's been manic since I returned from my Wild Atlantic Way adventure, and it already feels like it was a very long time ago. My day-job's been flat-out, and I've had various other things to see too.

In the meantime, I decided the next upgrade for my bicycle will be tri-bars. In case you didn't know, they're those weird "horns" that you see on some bikes with dropped bars. They're also called aero bars (not to be confused with the chocolate of the same name!) because they were originally designed to allow riders to take a more aerodynamic posture on the bike, and therefore go faster.

Mine's a touring bike, on no aerodynamic posture will offset the panniers acting like sails. In my case, I don't want them for any aerodynamic advantages. Instead, they'd allow me different riding positions, and crucially, get weight off my wrists at times. As an added benefit, you can also strap luggage to the underside of tri-bars.

What about you? What upgrades to YOUR bike do you have in mind?

May all the drivers always give you very wide overtakes!

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The button will only ever point at WillCycle.

The Good News

In a spectacular scientific breakthrough, a man who was paralysed from the hips down is able to walk again on his own.
Gert-Jan Oskam received a brain implant that, together with another implant connected to his damaged spinal chord, allows him to once again use his brain to control his legs.
It's early days, and he can only walk around 200 metres per day, and stand unsupported for two to three minutes, but it's a giant leap forward.

Did You Know...?

The first commercially available "boneshaker" (a pedal-less early version of the bicycle) was offered for sale in Paris in 1868, and it weighed a hefty 80kg!
Remember, it had no pedals, so you had to ride it like a balance bike, but it also had no brakes! Imagine trying to stop that thing, down even a very slight descent, using only your leather-soled feet!

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Showcased products

Simplicity - women's cut T-shirt

Just a very simple, stylised bicycle, printed on a women's cut T-shirt, available in a variety of colours.

Simplicity - women's cur T-shirt

Chunky B*tch On A Bike - Ladies V Neck T-Shirt

Inspired by the awesome Carla Francombe, after an awful scabbie called her a "chunky B*tch", this V-neck, women's-cut T-shirt is available in a range of colours.

Chunky B*tch On A Bike - Ladies V Neck T-Shirt

Random Internet Link

Have you ever had a great video clip, but you didn't like the background? The good news is that there's a tool that will allow you to remove, or replace, the background in just a few clicks. The better news is that it's free!

And Finally...

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