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The old Princetown railway

The Spirit Of Adventure

Oh hello!

I'm one of the most fortunate people in the world, because I live in heaven (or, as it's better known, Devon!). For those of you who didn't know, Devon is a county in the South West of the UK, and it's stunning.
Stretching from the English Channel on the south cost, to the Atlantic on the north coast, Devon has it all!

Why am I telling you all this? Easy: because I'm going cycling in North Devon in July! Setting off from Barnstaple, I'll (roughly) be following the coastline around to Minehead. From Minehead to near Taunton I'll be taking the heritage railway, then cycle the last bit to Taunton train station, to get the train back to Plymouth. Once in Plymouth there's another hour and a half of cycling before I get back home.

It's a short route, just over 60 miles (excluding the last bit into Taunton, and the very last bit home) but it's very hilly! I'm a great believer that fun should be Type 1 fun, and be enjoyable at the time. Also, cycle touring is best done slowly, stopping often, and that's exactly what I'm planning on doing.

I'm so looking forward to this ride! But enough about me - what are YOU up to? What rides are you planning, or what rides did you just complete? What went right and what went wrong? Would you recommend that area to others, and if so, tell us why?

May all the trains you want to travel on always have a free bike space!

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The Good News

The critically-endangered West African lion is fighting back, and it's looking positive.

Did You Know...?

The average person can lower their biological age by 3 years, within a period of two months, by making some simple lifestyle changes.

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Random Internet Link

We've all done it: signed up for some website or service, then years after we stopped using it they still have our details. How can you delete yourself from such sites?
This site will definitely make it far easier!

And Finally...

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