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The Spirit Of Adventure

Well hello there!
In the last newsletter, I ran a giveaway, and I'm happy to announce that the winner is... ... Kate!
I already emailed Kate and am happy to say the cycling jersey and bib shorts will soon be in the post!

While it may now be summer school holidays in the UK, it's undeniable that the days are getting noticeably shorter, and autumn is on the horizon. I'm still planning one more reasonable-sized cycling adventure this year - I need to go cycle the re-worked version of my Brighton Bimble GoCycle route. That will only happen in September.

How about you? What adventures are you planning?

Roy had an amazing cycling adventure in France - look out for his 3-part series that will soon be published on WillCycle.

Andy's planning many adventures, including a 3 to 4 day coast-to-coast ride, between Lowestoft and Weston Super Mare 9that's a huge coast-to-coast ride!) and also the Dunwich Dynamo.

Kate has cycled the Big Ride for Palestine, an annual charity bike ride that she's supported since 2016. The ride goes from Swansea to Bristol, along a 160 mile route, over three days. Kate was on of around 260 riders, making it the largest Big Ride for Palestine so far. The ride is to raise awareness of the daily life of children in Palestine and how people cope there, and you can read more here:

They raise funds for the Middle East Children's Alliance, who give children in refugee camps the chance to cycle and play other sports. One year they raised enough to build them a playground in Gaza. They're particularly keen to help girls to learn how to cycle and to develop cycling skills. Most of these children are really traumatised because of what they have lived through.

May all the café stops have secure bike parking and an empty table when you visit!

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The button will only ever point at WillCycle.

The Good News

Lyme disease, spread by ticks, is awful, and can leave people with debilitating effects, lasting over a decade, or more.
However, there's hope for a new vaccine, after research found trials to be extremely effective.

Did You Know...?

Smell impacts on our brain's ability to remember? Scientists at the University of California recently found that the smell of simple fragrances to boost cognitive performance in older people by as much as 226%.

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Beer  Ride  cycling  cap

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Zombie cycling cap

Random Internet Link

Ever wanted to remove the background in a video? Well, what once used to be possible only for large design or effects studios is now available to anyone. Yes, even to you: simply visit Unscreen!

And Finally...

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