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The Stone of Destiny

The Spirit Of Adventure

Hello again!

If you've been following my Wild Atlantic Way adventure, you'd already know that I had an amazing time of it. And that it's over. Yes - I'm back to my full-time job (boo!) and the harsh realities of everyday living.

Have you ever suffered post-adventure blues, and how did you deal with it?

On the bright side, I lost 4kg in weight, so am now within spitting distance of my target weight. That's despite having eaten loads during the ride! In my limited experience, Ireland makes it very easy to find decent food along the way. Even small villages more often than not have a deli, where there are a surprising array of fresh food options available.

I have a lot to do now I'm back from my adventure. For starters, I need to filter through all the replies to the competition I was running, in which you can win a signed copy of John Devoy's superb book, Quondam, so a winner can be found.

I also need to do a post on what worked, and what didn't work. That will include The Stone Of Destiny - in case you don't know what that is, it's a stone I relied on when one of the bolts holding my bike's rack on sheared off, and can be seen in the photo above. Together with some cable ties, that managed to allow me to ride another 90+ miles, before I could get my bike repaired.

Most importantly, I need to digest the adventure, and that will take some time. In the meantime, it's back to the day-job, and the every-day routines. To be honest, I'm so not ready for returning to all that, but I guess I don't have much of a choice.

May all the trains you want to travel on always have a free bike space!

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The Good News

In a story you just couldn't make up, a baby loggerhead turtle strayed 1000s of miles and ended up beached, upside down, on the Irish coast.
Barely alive (the water around Ireland is far too cold for them) and weighing a fraction of what it should have weighed at that age, the turtle was rescued, and is making a good recovery.

Did You Know...?

I'm a huge fan of coffee, but did you know that even the smell of coffee is good for you?
Scientists found that smelling coffee leads to both improved performance, as well as higher performance expectations.

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And Finally...

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