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The Spirit Of Adventure

Hello again!

Isn't spring gorgeous! Everywhere I look I see baby leaves and blossoms, as everything around me is suddenly bursting back into life. I have a sizeable tree growing outside my (home) office window, and I've been watching the growth buds slowly start forming, then start to open into fresh leaves.

Spring is the time when most people start to dust off their bikes, after getting them back out from the shed. New rides, and plenty of new adventures await us all!
My bike is almost ready for my upcoming Wild Atlantic Way adventure - I replaced gear and brake cables, replaced the rear brake callipers (cos being able to stop is quite a nifty feature!) but am still to replace the cassette.

Oh, the cassette isn't worn. My bike has a 9-speed groupset, but during lockdown, when I needed to replace the cassette, I simply couldn't find a 9-speed cassette. That was the result of all the factories in the Far East shutting down, and meant I had to make-do, so I fitted an 8-speed cassette instead. Not perfect, but it mainly worked.
However, for the Irish mountains I'll be tackling, I want to have as many gears as possible, so it's time to fit a shiny new 9-speed cassette!

Last news letter I ran a mini competition, giving away packs of You Park Like A Selfish Idiot stickers. The three lucky winners are Chris, Kate and Becky. If you're one of the winners, I emailed you directly, as I'll need your address details.

May the café you stop at during a ride always have a free table and excellent cake!

The Blast From The Past button is quite straightforward: with every edition, I link a random old WillCycle post to it. If you click it, you will see what old WillCycle post it takes you to.
The button will only ever point at WillCycle.

The Good News

A woman in the USA has been declared HIV-free, after receiving stem-cell treatment. She received the stem-cell treatment in 2017, and for the past 2.5 years have been off the normal antiretroviral medication. Despite this, she remains HIV-free.
However, the treatment she received is not suitable for everyone with HIV.

Did You Know...?

You've heard, and probably used the phrase "the whole nine yards" before, right? But do you know where it originated?
During WW2, the belts of ammunition loaded into US warplanes were 9 yards long, and pilots who opened fire started referring to giving someone the whole 9 yards.

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Competition - with a twist

Competition - with a twist
During my upcoming Irish Adventure, mostly following the Wild Atlantic Way, I'll have the good fortune of meeting John Devoy, and spending time with him. In fact, we'll do a short stint of cycling together. John has been on numerous adventures in his life, and he wrote book about his biggest adventure. He cycled from his native Ireland to to …

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Random Internet Link

Have you ever take a great photo, but hate the background? Use this super-easy tool to automagically remove the background from any image.

And Finally...

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