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Hi there!

Life currently seems determined to throw a spanner into my plans: I was planning on cycling the new version of my Brighton Bimble route on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but I also need to see the dentist, and the only appointment I could get was for Wednesday.

As for the reason why I need to cycle it, I changed the route a great deal. It now starts in Crawley, and also includes the new traffic-free path along the A27. Before I release a GoCycle multi-day route guide, I go personally ride it, to ensure I know what the route is like.

The last time I rode the (old version of) this route, I realised I made mistakes in some parts, which is why I never published it before. This is why my GoCycle multi-day route guides are so trustworthy: I personally test-ride them, and I won't publish a bad route guide.

Of course, autumn's slowly creeping up on us, and I already saw a V-formation of geese flying south. It's a gentle reminder that the earth is a dynamic system that's always changing, and we must adapt to the changes. It also means that my camping gear setup will start changing slowly, to cater for colder nights.

A few years ago now I (belatedly) realised that I don't have to limit the adventure season from late spring, through summer, and into early autumn. With the right gear, there's little reason not to go on adventures all year round, and I have several winter adventures planned. I hope we get quite thick snow on Dartmoor this coming winter, as I want to cycle out there and go snow-camping!

What about you - what autumn and winter adventures are you planning? Remember, you don't have to go camping - there's nothing wrong with booking into a warm B&B overnight.

May the air always remain inside your tyres!

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The Good News

Wind turbines are great, and a huge part of the future, but they do have a limited lifespan. When older wind turbines are decommissioned, it's always been a challenge what to do with the massive blades.
Now, a company called REGEN Fiber has a great solution to that problem.

Did You Know...?

Peanuts are used for more than just making peanut butter. Peanut oil contains something called glycerol, and glycerol is from where nitroglycerine is obtained.
Yes, peanuts can be used to make dynamite!

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Random Internet Link

Many people dislike using proprietary software, which locks you in to a specific vendor. Instead, they prefer to use opensource software (much of which is available free of charge). The trouble is trying to find opensource replacements, and that's where comes in. Go have a look if you can find some free opensource apps!

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