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Camping in a farmer's field in Cornwall, while testing out my Four Ferries & Freedom route

The Spirit Of Adventure

Hello again!

OK, in this edition, I'm after YOUR views. In this newsletter, what do you like, and what don't you like? What's unnecessary, and what's missing? If you wanted to see any changes in it, what would those changes be?

As I explained in the previous newsletter, I try to ensure there's something of value in each edition, but do you find that to be the case? Already, I removed the Blast From The Past button, as metrics proved to me it isn't really being used. I may also be removing Spanner In The Spokes, as I'm simply not getting enough questions.

So, over to you: what would YOU like to see in this newsletter? Simply reply to this email and let me know what you think.

In the last edition, I asked you to tell me what your cycling plans are. James and his brother-in-law are cycling across Wales in May, following the Traws Eryri route.That sounds like a wonderful adventure. James was the first to reply, so he's the winner of the Beer Ride cycling cap!

Equally wonderful is Beth's Trans Pennine Trail adventure coming up. Even better - it's Beth's first multi-day tour, and she sure picked a great route.

Finally, proving that adventures needn't be huge, or long, Stephen will be cycle camping with his kids. They're both under 10, so he'll be carrying the bulk of their kit in a trailer, and they'll be camping on a campsite that has fire pits, and are looking forward to roasting marshmallows over an open fire!

May you always find a table at every café you stop for cake and coffee!

The Good News

The tide does seem to be turning on CO2 generation. While our CO2 output is still rising, in 2023, it rose by a far smaller amount than it did during 2022. That's despite record droughts in '23, which greatly impacted on hydro-electric capacity.
Overall, advanced economies saw a record fall in their CO2 emissions in 2023 even as their GDP grew. Their emissions dropped to a 50-year low while coal demand fell back to levels not seen since the early 1900s.

Did You Know...?

Earth’s rotation is changing speed. It's actually slowing. This means that, on average, the length of a day increases by around 1.8 seconds per century. 600 million years ago a day lasted just 21 hours.

What Did You Miss On WillCycle?

Dart Valley Cycleway

Dart Valley Cycleway cycle route overall rating: ⭐⭐ This 6.3 mile route is gorgeous, and will make a great day out, but is quite a mix. From the outset, you need to understand that the entire route isn't traffic-free. Surface on the Dart Valley Cycleway Most of the route has a good tarred surface, but there are exceptions. From Dartington, …
The view along the Dart Valley Cycleway

10 Cycle touring mistakes

ten mistakes when cycle touring
We're all human, and we all make mistakes. Here's a list of mistakes that are easy to make when cycle touring, and easy to avoid. 1 - Not taking your time2 - Not going3 - Not filling water bottles up4 - Not knowing your gear5 - Packing too much stuff6 - Not taking emergency gear7 - Not eating enough8 - …

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WillCycle is mostly funded by me, with ad income almost covering the web hosting costs. I get that most of us don't like ads, and browse the Internet with an ad-blocker. However, because WillCycle is so reliant on ad-revenue, I was forced to block people visiting the site with ad-blockers running.
If you really wanted an ad-free experience on WillCycle, you can sign up as a WillCycle Supporter.
WillCycle Supporters can browse the site while running ad-blockers (while logged in).

Spanner In The Spokes

The idea behind Spanner In The Spokes is simple: send me your questions about bicycles, cycle touring and camping, and I'll either answer them, or ask others to answer them. Keep sending those questions!

Here's this edition's question:
I didn't receive any further questions, and unless that changes, I'll be removing this bit.

Random Internet Link

The Internet can be a wild place, with threats lurking all over, so it's important to keep your device safe. How can you know a link is safe to click if it's been shortened like this:
The easy answer is you can simply use! Just paste the link in place, and it will reveal the full, unshortened link. If you did that with the link just above, you'll see it's safe to click.

And Finally...

I spend considerable amounts of time producing The Spirit Of Adventure, and you receive it for free. Please do me a favour and forward it to someone else who you think will appreciate it?

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