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Bodged repair to my rack, while cycle touring Ireland.

The Spirit Of Adventure

Hi there!

I've some exciting news! My book, Wild Camping The Wild Atlantic Way, is available now. The book tells the story of my ride along the bottom half of the Wild Atlantic Way, and I absolutely would LOVE it if it leads to you going cycle touring in Ireland, too. The photo above is also on the back cover, and shows the bodged repair I was forced to make when one of the bolts holding my bike's rack in place sheared off, miles from any bike shop.

If you do read it, please tell me what you think? And no, I'm not after praise alone, but rather objective, constructive criticism. Irish readers may appreciate it, because the book touches - in between everything else - on Ireland's past, including the awful famine, the civil war, and even the GAA.
British readers will mostly find the book quite an eye-opener about their nearest neighbour!

But enough about the book - what about you? What are you up to? What cycling adventures do you have planned for summer? And will this incessant rain ever stop? Let me know! Simply hit reply to this email.

May all the showers only happen while you're already sat inside a café, for a coffee and cake stop!

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The Good News

Though I'm not sure how close it is to becoming available as a general treatment, scientists have been able to reverse the effects of dementia in a number of patients, raising hopes that this awful disease will become treatable.

Did You Know...?

Simply being in a forest is really good for you, but nature's healing isn't limited to just forests. Exposure to soil-based bacteria is proven to greatly boost our immune systems, so get out in nature, or simply get on with growing a veggie garden.

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For most of your life, you were told to become this, or become that, or to strive to be better, be different, or simply be something else. Far too many cyclists - on a daily basis, and as a normal part of their ride - try to be faster. Many try to be the fastest along some specific segment of …
Just be

Top ten worst things about cycle touring

Top ten worst things about cycle touring
Obviously, I remain an enormous fan of cycle touring, and often wish I was financially able to go cycle touring for half the year, every year. And why not? After all, you get to experience so many wonderful things, see stunning sights, and meet interesting people along the way. However, cycle touring isn't just moonshine and roses! Here's a list …

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Ever wanted to watch old classic films, but you couldn't find them anywhere? Or, if you found them, you have to pay extortionate prices?
Here's the solution: a large collection of old films, cartoons and TV shows, all for free, and without any ads!

And Finally...

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