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Born in November, I was a spring baby (I was born in the southern hemisphere) and winter has never been my favourite season.

Oh, I get there are benefits to winter: hiding away from the world, and immersing yourself in a good book, with a steaming mug of coffee (or whatever your favourite hot drink is) standing on the side. Or perhaps an outdoor adventure - a bike ride, a hike, or just a leisurely walk, ending up at some lovely little café, from where you can hide from the elements for a while. And then there's snow - turning the everyday world into a winter wonderland!

Speaking of snow, where I live, in South West Devon, we don't get much of it. Last week we had a short period where occasional snowflakes were falling, but they disappeared as soon as they hit the ground.

I've been hoping for a heavy snow fall over Dartmoor, but with some conditions attached: for starters, the snow must be there over a weekend, and no rain should be falling, turning it to ice.

The plan is to cycle out to Dartmoor, and camp overnight. Cold-weather camping is a while different experience, with different challenges. For example, gas stoves tend to not work well, or not work at all, due to the cold. As a result, I have an alcohol stove, and as a backup option, a wood-gas stove.

Of course, we're in the heart of winter now, however you measure the start of winter. That means it isn't much longer before the first signs of spring. While I accept scientists may disagree, to me spring officially starts when I see the first snowdrops blossoming. That moment always fills me with joy!

How about you? How do you keep occupied during winter? Do you try to hibernate, or do you embrace every moment of it? Do you have any adventures planned for winter, and of so, what are they?

May all the sleet only ever fall when you're somewhere indoors, warm and dry!

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The Good News

Ever heard someone say what we did to fight climate breakdown doesn't matter, because of big polluters like China?
China installed more solar in 2023 than the rest of the world did during 2022, and China's CO2 emissions look set to peak during 2024, then start falling.
Now we need to act to ensure OUR emissions also peak no later than 2024!

Did You Know...?

Did you know that the world's oldest chewing gum is almost 10000 years old? It was found in Finland in 2009, and analysis revealed that it was made from birch bark tar! Scientists believe it was used for practical purposes like waterproofing tools or treating wounds, rather than for recreational chewing.

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Spanner In The Spokes

The idea behind Spanner In The Spokes is simple: send me your questions about bicycles, cycle touring and camping, and I'll either answer them, or ask others to answer them. Keep sending those questions!

Here's this edition's question: I'm a woman, and would like to try out wild camping, but I'm scared to do so
Wild camping gives you enormous freedom, but there's no escaping the fact that - especially at first - it can be immensely nerve-wracking.
The solution is simple: find some people that you trust, and go wild camping with them. Bonus points if that includes one, or more other women, and move to the top of the class if one or more of the women are adept at wild camping.
In no time at all you'll be a confident and experienced wild camper!

Random Internet Link

Back in 2008, Joff Summerfield cycled around the world on his self-built penny farthing. You can read all about his phenomenal adventure here.

And Finally...

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