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The Spirit Of Adventure

Hello there!

Crumbs, this year is simply zooming past - it's May already! Last year in May, I was cycling the bottom half of the Wild Atlantic Way. I don't have any adventures quite as big as that planned for this year, but I do have several smaller adventures planned.

Also, my life's changed significantly: the absolutely adorable puppy you see in the pic above is Alfie, and he'll be taking up a fair old amount of my time. Expect to see some posts about going cycle camping with a puppy coming up in the near(ish) future! I have a kiddie cycle trailer that I'll use for Alfie to ride in, and he'll be going on plenty cycling adventures with me yet. If you've taken a puppy cycle camping, I'd love to hear from you.

Enough about Alfie and me - let's get onto the important stuff: what YOU are up to! First, the competition winner is Jenny! As soon as you let me have your address, I'll get your copy of Wild Camping The Wild Atlantic Way in the post to you. In case you're curious, Jenny's 6-word description of what makes cycle touring great is this: Freedom, nature, discovery, adventure, self-reliance, serenity.

Also, Stephen's cycle camping adventure with his 2 kids (both under age 10) was such a roaring success that they're already have more, and longer adventures planned. What advice would you have for anyone intending to go cycle touring with kids of ages below 10?

May the café where you stop for coffee always have a slice of your favourite cake!

The Good News

During 2023, deforestation in the Amazon plummeted to half what it was the year before, when Bolsenaro was still president of Brazil.

Did You Know...?

Chainsaws were invented to help with childbirth! During the late 1800's, chainsaws were used in Scotland to carve away at cartilage and even bone, and it wasn't until the 1900's that they started getting used for cutting wood.

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Best-value helmet cam

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Have you ever signed up for a webinar, or similar, that has timings given in EST, or some other time zone that you're unfamiliar with? This site makes is really easy to see what time it is in different time zones.

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