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Ramblings From The Road

Thanks for joining me for the fourth edition of Ramblings From The Road. You'll probably notice the visual style and layout is different to before - that's because I changed what Newsletter app I'm using. I'm now with Mailpoet, which is a far better service.

Enough boring you with geekspeak, let's get on with things! Go grab a brew, sit down, and tell me how you are, and what you have been up to? I'm genuinely interested, so talk to me - just reply to this email.

Will you be brave enough to click the Blast From The Past button, and see what old WillCycle post it takes you to?

The Good News

Everyone loves dolphins, right? Well, scientists now know more about the complex whistling noises they make to communicate, and the new findings are enlightening.

Did You Know...?

You may have heard of matter, and anti-matter. You might even have heard that when the two combine, they can cause an explosion.
I was gobsmacked to learn that scientists at CERN discovered particles that change state, between matter and anti-matter!

What Did You Miss On WillCycle?

Tips for staying warm while camping

Warmth - an  essential  element Many people tell me they won't go camping unless the weather is very hot, as they don't want to be cold overnight. If done right, even in surprisingly cold weather, you should be able to stay toastie-warm. The tips I listed below should help you remain warm. Active  or passive First things first - there …
Tips  for  staying  warm  while  camping

Fear regrets, not failures

Fear  regrets,  not  failures
We all live in fear The difference is what you fear. Some people fear the dark, some unfortunate souls fear open spaces. Many of us fight Imposter Syndrome on a daily basis, and fear being found out. Some fear being inadequate. Most fear death. A surprising amount even fear success. Almost everyone fears failure. And that fear of failure is debilitating, …

Disaster on the Grand Union Canal

The Grand Union Canal I long wanted to cycle the full 144 miles of the Grand Union Canal. The plan was to set off from Paddington Basin, right next to Paddington station, then follow the Paddington branch of the Grand Union Canal (GUC for short). The reasoning was simple: though a branch of the GUC, it was still part of …
Disaster  on  the  Grand  Union  Canal

April 2022 Cycling T-Shirt Giveaway

April 2022 Cycling T-Shirt Giveaway
Win a FREE WillCycle Cycling T-shirt! We all like a freebie, don't we? Well, during 2022, I'm doing 12 freebies! That's right - I'm doing ONE cycling T-shirt giveaway per month. How to enter Entering is simple, but requires a Twitter account. Just follow WillCycle on Twitter, browse through the T-shirt designs available and pick your favourite. Next, click the …

The Power Of Travelling Slowly

Travelling  slowly Remember, even if you win the rat race, you remain a rat. Life comes at you fast, and that pace will only ever get faster. Sure, there's a thrill to be had from ducking the knocks life throws your way in time, but there's something even better: taking time out. Step out of the rat race, even if …
Cyclists riding slowly along a lakeside

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Go Wild - women's cut T-shirt

Roadie - women's cut T-shirt

Roadie - women's cut T-shirt


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Will's Unexpected Bike Hack

Especially on multi-day rides, you will often not have the opportunity to clean your water bottles as well as you can do at home. Sure, you'll give them a quick rinse, but bacteria could still be building up on the inside.
Pop into the nearest greengrocer or supermarket, and buy a lime, then squeeze a little lime juice into each bottle. You'll get the benefit of added vitamin C, and as a bonus, the lime juice will help keep the inside of your bottles bacteria-free.

And Finally...

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