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Food For The Road is an A6 sized, glossy-cover cycle camping cookbook, containing 19 recipes. Almost all recipes are for a single-pot dish that can easily be cooked on a single-burner camping stove.

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Please  note:

I paid for a limited print run to be done, and I’m selling these quite literally at cost. Once the last copy sold, I will have broken even.
Unless there are suddenly large numbers of you wanting a copy, I will not repeat the print run, so once these few cookbooks are sold out, there will be no more.


Of the 19 recipes, 18 are single-pot ones (though one recipe calls for a bowl, too). The last one is for trail-mix bars, because some days you will just want to collapse in your tent, and cooking will be the last thing you feel like doing.
Some of the recipes are vegan, some are vegetarian, and some contain meat or fish. All of this in a format that’s easy to find space for in your panniers, and will undoubtedly help you enjoy more scrummy camping meals.


Food For The Road


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