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My Four Ferries & Freedom cycle route takes you from Penzance to Plymouth, along Cornwall’s stunning south coast. This is an extremely scenic route, steeped in history (you even have the option of visiting a building that’s been there since the Iron Age) through an astoundingly beautiful part of the UK. Using mostly quiet rural lanes, the odd bridleway and traffic-free cycle path, the route will show you Cornwall off the beaten track.

A fantastic alternative to Cycling UK’s West Kernow Way bikepacking route that can be cycled on any touring bike, gravel bike or hybrid. Despite mostly being a tarred route, it remains a challenge. There are hills on this route that I couldn’t ride my laden touring bike up, and had to get off and push. Depending on the tide level at the time, at some of the ferries you’ll also have to carry your bicycle down, or up some stairs.

The rewards of this route more than compensates for the challenges, and you will see Cornwall like you’ve never seen it before. While the route curves inland in several places, you’re never far from stunning sea views.

Because we don’t live in a perfect world, and things can (and sometimes do) go wrong, the route has multiple escape points, in the shape of train stations. These are either mainline train stations, or stations on branch lines that offer direct connections to the main line. You also have the option of replacing a chuck of cycling in the middle, by taking a ferry from Falmouth to Mevagissey.

I would suggest you take at least three days to cycle this route, to allow enough time to appreciate the scenery, and to spend some time in the many quaint and quirky pubs along the way. The Four Ferries & Freedom route makes for a fantastic 3-day escape, and as the start and end is on the main train line, it’s easy to get there by train!

As is the case with all my GoCycle guides, you will receive a .zip file, which contains a PDF of the route, as well as a .fit, a .gpx, and a .tcx file. The .tcx file is loaded full of extra information about the route. Best yet, you know you can trust this guide, as I have personally cycled the route.

GoCycle – Four Ferries & Freedom


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