Somerset Circle Route Guide



This is the highly-detailed route guide for my Somerset Circle route.

Why  you  should  get  the  guide  now

If you’re looking for reasons (other than the fact that this is a stunning route) to get the guide, allow me to give you plenty reasons:

  • This cycling route guide is tested. Provided you follow the guide (PDF or TCX file running on your GPS device or phone) you will remain on a route that has no nasty surprises (excluding events happening while you’re riding, obviously).
  • As I keep pointing out, the route is gorgeous.
  • You cannot get this cycling route guide elsewhere. Devon Coast To Coast, the C2C or Trans Pennine Way are well-known routes, and the GPX files for those routes are freely available. That’s not the case for the Somerset Circle. I designed the route, and it doesn’t appear on public maps.
  • It’s more than a route guide, it’s a digital tour guide, that tells you about pubs and cafés along the way, plus more. If you had to recreate the .TCX route file alone, it would take you a great many hours, and then you’d end up with a route that’s untested. I’ve done all that for you, then cycled the route to ensure it’s good.
  • It’s ridiculously cheap. A supermarket coffee and croissant costs the same as the price of this guide. You think nothing of buying multiple coffees in a month, and this route will give you far more pleasure than any cup of coffee ever could.
  • It is superb value for money!
  • The route is circular. Unlike Devon Coast To Coast, The Trans Pennine Way, the C2C, Hadrian’s Way, and most other routes that are linear, getting back is not a problem, so this route is a better option than any of those.
  • The route offers great variation, including the flat roads on the Somerset Levels, and the climbs of the Mendip hills.
  • Around half the route is traffic-free, with the other half mainly on quiet rural lanes.

Please note that this is a digital download product – there is no physical book.

Somerset Circle Route Guide


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