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Cat Lady cycling jersey and matching bib shorts.

The Spirit Of Adventure

Hi there!

Well, I said there will be a giveaway in this edition, and there certainly is! You could be the lucky winner of a Cat Lady cycling jersey and matching bib shorts, as shown above. I'm afraid there's only one size, to suit women of quite slight build, but if you're the lucky winner and it doesn't fit you, why not donate it to a friend?

As for how to win, simply reply to this email and tell me what cycling adventures you have planned. I may include some parts of your plans, and your first name (or a pseudonym, should you so prefer) in a future edition of the newsletter. That's it. No catch, no hidden surprises.

As ever, I'll use the digital online name picker to select a name at random, and I'll email the winner to let them know. Best of luck, and I hope YOU are the winner!

I was planning on going cycling along the North Devon coast this weekend, but decided to postpone by a week, due to the rubbish weather. I don't mind cycling in the rain, but when sight-seeing, I like to be able to actually see the sights. Obviously, I'll be camping overnight on that trip, somewhere near Lynton.

I expect to still get rained on when I go, but not quite as much. I'm really looking forward to exploring that part of Devon by bike. Though I've often cycled in North Devon, that was almost exclusively along parts of the Tarka Trail. For this trip, I'll be cycling from Barnstaple to Minehead.

May all the trains you want to travel on always have a free bike space!

The Blast From The Past button is quite straightforward: with every edition, I link a random old WillCycle post to it. If you click it, you will see what old WillCycle post it takes you to.
The button will only ever point at WillCycle.

The Good News

As Robert Moore approached his 100th birthday, his daughter thought she'd ask some people from the neighbourhood to bring their dogs along, so he could say hello to the dogs. Roberts adores dogs, but they weren't expecting what followed!

Did You Know...?

Oxford University pre-dates the Aztecs! Oxford University opened in 1096, while the Aztec period was from 1345-1521.
Only the University of Bologna is an older, continuously-functioning university.

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Random Internet Link

This edition's Random Internet Link is quite unusual. It's a website called Radiooooo, and it calls itself a "musical time machine". Click the link to visit the site, then click any country on the map. Finally, select the decade, and the site will (at random) play a song from that country, from that decade!

And Finally...

I spend considerable amounts of time producing The Spirit Of Adventure, and you receive it for free. Please do me a favour and forward it to someone else who you think will appreciate it?

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