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Browse through my collection of top-quality cycling T-shirts, and route guides, all at excellent prices.
Remember, if the delivery address is in the UK, then delivery is included in the price that you see! That means UK customers get quality cycling T-shirts for just £24, including tracked UK delivery. Sadly, outside the UK, there’s a delivery fee of £7.90 in addition, but even then, my cycling T-shirts are extremely competitively priced.
Just so you know, there’s a sizing guide here.

Ethical  Approach

Recently, someone pointed out that they buy their T-shirts from a high-street retailer, for £3. That particular retailer was caught with child labour in their supply chain. They sell the finished product for less than half what I pay for a blank T-shirt. The T-shirts in my supply chain come from WRAP-certified manufacturers, meaning the workers are paid fair wages, there’s NO child labour, and they have decent working conditions. The printing of WillCycle T-shirts is a mostly manual process, and the person printing the design you chose is paid a fair wage, and has decent working conditions. My T-shirts are posted out in packaging made from recycled material, which can be recycled again, and contains no plastic.

All these are due to choices I have made. My values are not for sale, and I simply will not accept exploitation in my supply chain! Because of this, my T-shirts are not the cheapest out there. They are, however, superb quality, excellent value for money and are free of any exploitive practices. Plus, in the UK, the £24 price includes tracked delivery. As such, I believe the prices are excellent for what you get, and I proudly stand by my products.

Please Note: My T-shirts are printed on demand. In the extremely unlikely event of there being anything wrong with the T-shirt itself, I’ll happily give you either a refund, or a replacement T-shirt (I’ve never had a quality issue though). However, if you ordered a T-shirt in the wrong size, wrong colour, or wrong cut (e.g. ladies cut instead of unisex) I’m afraid I won’t be able to refund or replace the T-shirt. 

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