I stand by the quality of my products. So much so that I also wear my T-shirts. However, we don’t live in a perfect world, and occasionally, something can go wrong.

If the physical product you received is defective in any way, please contact me as soon as you can. With T-shirts, I will require photographic evidence of the defect, so I can try to get a refund myself, from my supplier. Regardless of whether I get a refund, I will always refund you for defective products. Because I only take payments via PayPal, refunds are done via PayPal, too. Unfortunately, PayPal uses eCheques for refunds, so although I process refunds almost immediately, there’s a 2-week delay (after you were notified of the refund, and after the money left my account) before you will actually receive the refund. This is outside of my control.

Please also read my FAQs page!

Digital Products

Digital products, such as my route guides, will not be refunded.


T-shirt colours may vary somewhat from images – this is normal and not grounds for a refund. Also, if you purchased a T-shirt in the wrong size, I’m afraid I can’t refund you. You see, my T-shirts are printed on demand. If you bought the wrong size, you ended up with a T-shirt I can’t sell.


I don’t do returns. I only do refun

ds. Yes, this does leave me somewhat open to abuse, but I trust my customers are as ethical as what I am. If the T-shirt you bought was defective in any way, I’ll refund you. You’ll have your money back, and keep the defective product.

Contact me

It’s very simple to contact me: just leave a comment below.



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