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So, you’re looking for a decent-quality cycling helmet camera? You want a battery life of around two and a half hours, decent video quality (4K), digital image stabilisation, AND WiFi connectivity, right?

The WillCam

OK, I don’t manufacture these, but as I do sell them, I get to name my product. From the outset I will tell you that WillCycle isn’t the only website that sells these exact same cameras. When you do some research, you’ll find my prices are certainly far less, well, chilling!


Some time ago I purchased a Chilli-Tech Mk II camera, and I did a review on it. I recorded the two videos below at the same time, with the Chilli-Tech camera, and the WillCam both attached to my helmet, right next to each other.

When you watch the two videos, you can instantly see how much better the WillCam is, compared to the older Chilli-Tech camera. I attached both cameras to my helmet at the same time, and you can see my head movements are exactly the same in each video.

The difference is staggering, though, with the WillCam being far better. If you watch the videos in full-screen mode, the difference will be striking.

What’s in the box?

Besides the WillCam, you will also receive a USB-C charge cable, a decent helmet-mount (with quick-release), a handle-bar mount and a clamp-on mount, so you will have plenty options to mount the camera. The quick-release is at first quite stiff to operate.

That’s not all, though! You will also receive a different, waterproof screw-on end-cap (which covers the memory card slot and charge port) with an integrated USB-C charge cable.

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This means you can easily extend the WillCam’s already very impressive battery life, simply by plugging it into a power bank! That means you can continue videoing for many more hours (if recording in over-write mode). For clarity, you must stop recording before removing the external power source.

You can control the camera itself via the free app (but you don’t need the free app just to record) and it supports memory cards of up to 256GB. When using the app, with the camera in WiFi recording mode, the video footage will be saved to your phone instead.

Remember, 4K video generates far more data, so I would suggest opting for a genuine Class 10 micro-SD memory card. The camera does not ship with a memory card.

The (not so) small print

The WillCam is not perfect. My only complaint is wind noise. I do not control the manufacturing process, so cannot change this. On my own camera, I stuck a tiny piece of electrical tape over the mic hole.

When using the camera in WiFi mode, the battery life will be further reduced. This is expected, as additional power consumption is needed for the WiFi functionality.

Unlike the Chilli Tech Mk II camera, you can quite easily see whether or not the camera is switched on, or recording. Finally, though you can use the camera without the app, setting the date and time is done automatically via the app.

Get your peace of mind now!

Cycling with a camera acts as a visual deterrent to many bad drivers. For those that still drive in a manner that endangers you, simply report them via Op Snap (see also how to make a better Op Snap report). To purchase your WillCam, simply click the PayPal button below. My using PayPal means you have buyer protection, and your details are secure.

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Please note, the postage is for UK destinations only – please contact me for international shipping costs. Please allow around 3 weeks for delivery. The camera is sent via recorded delivery.

Improve your safety on the road and get yours now, for only £84.99, plus postage.

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