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Shop FAQs - WillCycle
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Shop FAQs

I simplified my shop, and as a result, also simplified my Frequently Asked Questions page.

Do you do refunds?

All that I now sell in my shop is route guides. Those are digital download products, and I’m afraid I cannot do refunds on them.

The reasons are simple: I know my route guides work. I know many other people used them successfully, and had only praise for the route guides. If, for whatever reason, something went wrong with you obtaining a copy of any route guide, I’d be delighted to ensure you receive a fully-working copy.

What if your route guide doesn’t work with my digital navigation method?

My route guides consist of 3 files: there’s a PDF document, which you can print and take along, or simply read on your phone, or tablet. There’s also a bog-standard .GPX file, as well as a .TCX file that’s bursting at the seams with additional data.

Both GPX and TCX files are industry standards, and if your digital navigation system is unable to use them, then it must be a rather bizarre system.

Having said that, my own cycling computer, a GPSport BSC200, often doesn’t display additional information from TCX files. That’s a failure of the GPS unit, not of any TCX file.

For the richest experience when using my route guides, I suggest using the absolutely brilliant RideWithGPS app on almost any Android or Apple phone. The app is free, and even when using a free account, you can have voice navigation when using one of my GoCycle route guides. Usually, that’s a premium feature.

What if your route guide is wrong?

Errors can and do happen. However, I personally ride each of the routes I have route guides for. This is deliberate, and intended to help ensure I know exactly what the route has in store for you.

That said, any route could be impacted by road works, flooding, natural disasters, and more. I have zero control over those. Some of my route guides include areas prone to flooding – the Somerset Circle guide – and I tell people to check the news, and the forecast (including tide times) before embarking on that ride.

Overall, my route guides are highly accurate and reliable, but if you do encounter anything likely to have a long-term impact on the route, please let me know?

Can I share your route guides with friends?

Really? WillCycle is a tiny site, trying to be self-funded. The sale of route guides go towards that, but making a single route guide takes on average over 100 hours, and can cost hundreds of Pounds. You bought it for the price of a coffee and slice of cake.

Technically, it’s possible to share the guide with others, but when doing so, you’re in breach of copyright laws. More to the point, when doing so, you’re literally robbing me. Why would you do that?

No other route guides are nearly as detailed as mine. In addition, I make a HUGE wealth of useful information available for free on here. Yes, for you to use for free! Would you, after all that, still want to cheat me out of a meagre income?

Oh, and if someone shared one of my route guides with you, please do the right thing by buying your own copy?