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Go on – have an adventure! A cycling adventure!

Because you work hard, because life can be tough, because you deserve it, have a break. Go on a gentle adventure! On WillCycle I have plenty of resources to help you go on that adventure you so richly deserve, so linger a while, look around, as this site can help you!

The purpose of life is to live

You don’t exist just to go to work, day in, day out, until you (hopefully) make it to retirement. There’s a whole world out there, waiting to be explored, and it’s waiting just for you.

In life, you can always get more money, but you only have a finite amount of time available. Time is far more valuable than money ever could be, so spend your time wisely by having as many adventures as possible!

If you’re looking for ideas for your next adventure, simply click either the GoCycle link on the menu (for multi-day routes) or the Traffic-Free link.

The Spirit of Adventure

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I have made a wealth of knowledge available for you on here. Simply start by clicking the Back To Basics link.

You will find all sorts of information, from cycle touring, to cycle campingstealth campingwild camping in the UKhelp with navigationsecurity while cycle touring and even how to design a good cycle touring route.

It’s all here, simply waiting for you to explore! Do yourself a favour and look around this site. You’ll find lots of useful information!


So, you have a bicycle, you have camping gear, but what you lack is the experience?

There’s an easy solution! Join me on a WeCycle Guided Wild Camping experience. You will experience the delights of wild camping on Dartmoor, in a supportive environment, with help on hand.

You will gain experience and confidence, all while having loads of fun in an exquisitely beautiful landscape. Simply click the link, read all about it, then pick the next available date and book yourself on it!

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What do you mean “It’s a lifestyle”?

Because you’re visiting this site, I’ll guess cycling is as important to you as it is to me. It runs right through everything I do, and forms the basis of almost all my adventures. This is why I have so much help and guidance available for you on here. It’s also why I provide DayCycle cycling route guides, as well as multi-day GoCycle cycle touring route guides.

Finally, I have a range of cycling-related products availableAll my products include free UK postage! Cycling influences my daily life. It impacts on almost everything I do. To me, cycling is a lifestyle, and WillCycle is simply an extension of that lifestyle.