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We can’t all be on adventures all the time. Even the world’s most persistent cycle tourer, Heinz Stücke, eventually settled down.

However, what we can do is start planning our next adventures!

Decide on a timescale

Time is the greatest limiter. You can always get more money, but you can never get more time. Your time is the most valuable thing in your life, and each of us only has so much time. As a result, we need to choose to spend it wisely.

You most likely are further limited by work, and perhaps family commitments, reducing the time you could have available for your next adventures. Within the time limits of your life, see how much time you can take for that next adventure.

If you can only have two days, then plan a two-day adventure. If you can have a week, then plan a week-long adventure. But plan your next adventures!

Decide on a budget

Money is a limiter for most people. If you’re planning on cycling across Europe, staying only in the finest hotels and eating only in the best restaurants, you will need far deeper pockets than someone cycling Devon Coast To Coast over a weekend.

You alone can decide on what your budget limits are, but if it helps, my advice is simple: Always spend your money on experiences, rather than things. Obviously, there are exceptions to this though.

Decide on a destination

Once you decided on a timescale, and a budget, you need to pick a destination. Most people want to go somewhere exotic, and entirely miss the wonder on their doorstep. Remember, to most of the world, where YOU live is exotic, so do yourself a favour and always be a tourist, even in your local area!

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Remember, if you’re going to wait for a perfect time, you’ll never go on your next adventure! Stop delaying with strategies like “If I can get to THAT point in my life, I’ll go on an adventure”.

Use the bicycle you have now. Also use whatever kit you have now. Then plan your adventure, and go!

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  1. On the 1st June I will start my next three-monther after a two year gap. Probably back to France and Spain or maybe Germany. Location not very important to me – just actually being touring is the main thing. Previously hit France, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden. I usually stick to eurovelo.


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