The impact of climate change on cycle touring

Did  I  get  the  title  sequence  wrong? Quite obviously, what we should be most concerned about is the impact of our activities on climate change. Climate change is man-made, real, speeding up and is frankly terrifying. Still, for the purposes of this post, I’ll focus on the impacts of climate change on cycle touring. Is  […]

Does Your Wild Camping Pass The Test? 7 Things You Can Improve On Today

What  are  the  7  common  mistakes  people  make  when  wild  camping? Wild camping is great. Just you, and nature all around you. Sheer  bliss! However, there are mistakes that many people make when wild camping. Do you do any of these? Remember, strictly speaking, and with the exception of around half of Dartmoor (and even that’s […]

Every adventure counts

A  small  adventure  is  still  an  adventure We live in a hyper-competitive world, where (almost) everyone is constantly trying to outdo the next person. UK politicians are forever bleating about “world-beating” this and “world-beating” that. But you know what? It doesn’t have to be this way. Bigger isn’t always better, and even when it is, […]

Gravel !

Traffic-free  gravel  routes Lots of people (including me) enjoy gravel routes. Gravel cycling refers to a middle-ground between road cycling and mountain biking, and gravel bikes are generally dropped-bar bikes with chunky tyres. However, for gravel routes, I’m not at all fussed with the type of bike you’ll use to ride the routes. Instead, I’ll […]

Coffee Ride 2023

No  reasons,  no  excuses,  no  pretences A Coffee Ride is just a bike ride, with one difference thrown in: somewhere along the ride, you’ll stop to brew your own coffee. That’s right, it’s not a coffee shop ride, but we also don’t want to get stuck on rules. I’m aware that leaves it quite woolly, and […]

Travel to the Bronze Age

No  bikes, for  a  change This week, my mate Caspar and I went hiking on Dartmoor. For those that don’t know, Dartmoor is the last wilderness left in England. Situated entirely within the county of Devon, it is also the only place in England where wild-camping is perfectly legal. In  search  of  history… The part […]

New traffic-free cycling route guides?

Isn’t  WillCycle  all  about  cycle  touring? WillCycle has a strong focus on cycle camping and cycle touring, but the site isn’t limited to just those two subjects. Many posts deal with related topics, such as navigation, while others deal with climate change. Traffic-free  cycling  is  blissful  cycling I’ve cycled on roads in London, and several […]

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