SheCycles is a growing series of posts that follow a set format: I present a wide range of women with the same set of questions, which they’re free to interpret as they wish, and to answer (or not) in their own words.

I started SheCycles deliberately as a small way to highlight some women, but it has since become what I consider to be the best part of my site. These women are all widely different, with different motivations, different experiences, different lives and different dreams. However, there is one thing that unites them: they’re all absolutely amazing.

Some, especially some men, may wonder why I felt the need to start SheCycles. The answer is simple: our society is very unjust, and women still aren’t treated as equals. Women typically earn less than men, for the same job. A quick glance at parliament, or the board of any FTSE-listed company will show you it’s dominated by men.

I’m no misandrist. After all, I’m a man myself. However, I strongly believe in equality. We are people first and foremost, and women or men after that.

Women are being treated unfairly (broadly speaking – I’m not accusing you personally of anything) by men, so it stands to reason that men must do more to create equality. This is why I wrote this post – No Girls Allowed – A Post Aimed Squarely At Men, and I really do suggest you read it, especially if you’re a man.

This paragraph is from that post:
“For those men who may by now be frothing at the mouth, while reading this, it just means that you are not being punished. To use a simple example, if all your life you’ve been having 15 biscuits out of a packet of 20, leaving 5 biscuits for the woman nearest to you, then reducing the number of biscuits you receive down to 10, while increasing the number the woman receives to 10 only means being fair. If you choose to see that as you being punished, then your values are warped.”
So is SheCycles an attempt to address rampant sexism? I suppose, in a very tiny way it must be, but SheCycles is far more than focusing on the wrongs. Instead, it’s a celebration of the woman who so kindly and bravely shared their stories.

There are very valid reasons why I believe it has become the best part of my blog. Read their stories. Yes, all of them. Share these amazing women’s stories with others. Then do what you can to help build a more equitable society.

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