Book Review

Book review – Full Tilt: Ireland to India with a Bicycle, by Dervla Murphy

In 1963, Europe had one of the coldest winters, and 1963, during winter, was when Dervla Murphy set off to cycle from her native Ireland to faraway India. Along the way, she kept a diary, and this book is the result of that diary. The world was a totally different place in 1963, as you’d […]

Book review: Spain To Norway On A Bike Called Reggie, by Andrew P Sykes

I’ve reviewed one of Andrew P Sykes’ books before – the first book he published, but for some reason or another didn’t get around to reading any of his other books. Since my last review, he’s published several more books. He’s on Twitter as @CyclingEurope, and he has a podcast, with full details available at […]

Book review – Quondam – Travels In A Once World, by John Devoy

Quondam is not your normal travel book, and you may as well know this from the start. To begin with, it only tells part of Devoy’s journey, but far more unusual than that, it was written decades after the journey. Quondam recounts Devoy’s travels from Cairo to Nairobi. In this always-connected world of ours, Quondam […]

Book review – Where There’s A Will, by Emily Chappell

A  breed  apart Ultra-distance cyclists are a breed apart from the rest of us, and are uniformly characterised with an almost grim determination. Emily Chappell is certainly no exception. In common with many (though certainly not all) such riders, Chappell seems to be a remarkably humble human being. Not  your  normal  ultra-distance  book I’ve read […]

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