This Road I Ride – Juliana Buhring

This Road I Ride, by Juliana Buhring

In this world, very few people truly get to be trailblazers. Juliana Buhring is one of those few people. This Road I Ride tells the story of Buhring’s record-breaking round-the-world bike ride. If you’re a man, you may not like me saying this, but Buhring is an exceptionally tough person – likely far tougher than … Read more

Coffee First, Then The World

Coffee First, Then The World, by Jenny Graham When you read stories by people who cycled around the world, you quickly learn that doing so is an enormous achievement. When it is done solo, it becomes an even bigger achievement. When done as a woman, riding on her own, unsupported, it becomes monumentous. Finally, when … Read more

SheCycles – Julie Coldwell

Yes,  another  SheCycles  post! If you still don’t what SheCycles posts are about, simply click the SheCycles link on the menu above. They’re a growing series of posts highlighting women who cycle. All the women are different, and all of them are awesome in their own way, so do make sure you go read them … Read more

SheCycles – Sarah

The SheCycles pic of Sarah

Sarah,  in  a  brand-new  SheCycles  post In case you still didn’t know, SheCycles is a growing series of posts highlighting women who cycle. They’re all quite different, and all totally amazing. If you haven’t yet, do go read all the other SheCycles posts! Sarah Sarah was born in Lincolnshire, and now lives in Northamptonshire. She’s … Read more

Book review – Miles From Nowhere, by Barbara Savage

Miles  From Nowhere,  by Barbara Savage The very short version is that this is a book about a round-the-world bike ride. That description, while true, doesn’t come remotely close to doing this book justice! Published in 1983, it tells the story of how Barbara Savage and her husband Larry Savage, set off to first ride … Read more

Book review: The Slow Road To Teheran

A WillCycle book review of The Slow Road To Teheran, by Rebecca Lowe

The  Slow  Road  To  Teheran,  by  Rebecca  Lowe I’ll freely admit I absolutely love books that tell the tale of daring, long-distance cycling adventures. A good book like that tells the story of a fantastic cycling adventure. A great book like that tells the story in such a way that cycling, though central to the story … Read more

SheCycles – Sara

This SheCycles post introduces you to Sara

Time for another SheCycles post! This time, I get to introduce you to the incredible Sara – she’s on Twitter as @SezRamos and on Instagram under the same name, so make sure you follow her. In case you still didn’t know, SheCycles is a growing series of posts that highlight a bunch of completely different, … Read more

SheCycles – Nadine

Nadine on her bicycle

In this latest SheCycles post, we hear from Nadine Ansorg – she’s Nadine_Ansorg on Twitter, and you should definitely follow her. Nadine offers insight of being a woman who cycles, both in the UK and in Europe, especially Germany, where she’s originally from. SheCycles is a growing series of posts in which a wide array … Read more

Book review – Full Tilt: Ireland to India with a Bicycle, by Dervla Murphy

In 1963, Europe had one of the coldest winters, and 1963, during winter, was when Dervla Murphy set off to cycle from her native Ireland to faraway India. Along the way, she kept a diary, and this book is the result of that diary. The world was a totally different place in 1963, as you’d … Read more

Book Review: Pedal Power, by Anna Hughes

Pedal Power is a very unusual book, from the pen of the very talented Anna Hughes. I reviewed an earlier book of hers, Eat Sleep Cycle before. What makes this book unusual? It’s non-fiction, but that’s not unusual. The unusual part is it tells the stories of over 80 people who were pedal powered, and … Read more

SheCycles – Jane

Jane's photo for SheCycles

Yes, another SheCycles post! In case you still don’t know, SheCycles is a series of posts about completely different women, each one amazing in her own way, telling us in their own words about how cycling fits into their lives, and what it means to them. Read all the other SheCycles posts, by clicking this link. … Read more

SheCycles – Niamh Lewis

I’m delighted to bring you yet another SheCycles post. In case you didn’t know, SheCycles is a series of posts in which a range of different female cyclists answer the same questions, in their own words. You should read all the SheCycles posts, by clicking this link. This post introduces Niamh Lewis – she’s on … Read more


If you’re upset because I do a SheCycles series of posts, but not a HeCycles series, we need to talk. Sexism remains a common element in the world, and in the UK, women are on average paid just over 80% the wages men receive for the same job. As the Sarah Everard tragedy showed, and … Read more

SheCycles – Robyn Jankel

In this latest SheCycles post, we get to know Robyn Jankel, in her own words. If you’re unfamiliar with SheCycles, it’s a serious of posts in which we’re introduced to a range of perfectly normal, completely different and absolutely awesome women, in their own words. Click here to read all the SheCycles posts. That’s enough … Read more

SheCycles – Anne Ramsey

In this SheCycles post, I get to introduce you to Anne Ramsey (she’s on Twitter as @anneramsey740 – do follow her). Anne is a regular cycle commuter, who often posts videos of her rides. In case you didn’t know, SheCycles is a series of posts highlighting a range of women, all different, and all awesome … Read more

SheCycles – Helen

In this SheCycles post, I’d like to introduce you to Helen. Helen is a lifelong Londoner and lover of bikes, swimming and Liverpool FC, and here she talks about her experiences on two wheels. Helen’s on Twitter as @Coshgirl, and you should definitely follow her. In case you didn’t know, SheCycles is a series of … Read more

SheCycles – Uni

  In this latest SheCycles post, we hear from Uni, in her own words, about what it’s like to be a cyclist and a woman. If you’re unfamiliar with SheCycles posts, I suggest you read them all, simply by clicking this link. Let me hand you over to Uni: I’m strictly a weekend warrior and … Read more

SheCycles – Lori

SheCycles are a series of posts highlighting women who cycle, in their own words, asking them a series of questions about themselves. I ask the same questions, and the women are free to answer only those questions they want to, and to interpret the questions in any way they want to. The aim of SheCycles … Read more

Book review – Eat, Sleep, Cycle, by Anna Hughes

If you looked at an accurate world map, or better yet, a globe, you’ll say that the UK isn’t big at all. In fact, especially when compared to a continent like Africa, you could say the UK is tiny. And you’d be correct. Until you decided to cycle the coastline of the UK. If you … Read more

SheCycles – Naomi Freireich

When doing a SheCycles post about a historic figure, such as Annie Kopchovsky, I only have what is written about her to go on. When writing about someone now, I have the benefit of asking questions, and mostly, I’ll ask exactly the same questions of these inspiring women. Some women, like Naomi, will have had … Read more