Cycle touring

The impact of climate change on cycle touring

Did  I  get  the  title  sequence  wrong? Quite obviously, what we should be most concerned about is the impact of our activities on climate change. Climate change is man-made, real, speeding up and is frankly terrifying. Still, for the purposes of this post, I’ll focus on the impacts of climate change on cycle touring. Is  […]

Does Your Wild Camping Pass The Test? 7 Things You Can Improve On Today

What  are  the  7  common  mistakes  people  make  when  wild  camping? Wild camping is great. Just you, and nature all around you. Sheer  bliss! However, there are mistakes that many people make when wild camping. Do you do any of these? Remember, strictly speaking, and with the exception of around half of Dartmoor (and even that’s […]

The quest for power

Satisfying  your  off-grid  cycle  touring  power  needs Off-grid cycle touring is exactly what the name suggests. Just you and your bike, going places, wild camping along the way. There’s no access to mains power, so you either have to carry sufficient battery capacity with you, or find a way to generate power along the way. […]

Penzance – Plymouth Pootle – a Travelling Ouballies Ride

Penzance – Plymouth Pootle I’ve wanted to cycle from Penzance to Plymouth for ages now, hugging the coastline. It’s an absolutely stunning part of the world, though as anyone would tell you, Cornwall is hilly. What makes things worse is hugging the coast inevitably means going up and down even more. Now to be fair, […]

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