Why YOU should use RideWithGPS

All the maps on WillCycle are done with RideWithGPS, and that’s for very good reason. I have tried practically every mapping site out there, and find RideWithGPS the most feature-rich, and most straightforward to use. Best of all, you can use most of the functionality with a free account, and they have an excellent app […]

More route functionality

RideWithGPS For years now I’ve been quite vocal in my preference for RideWithGPS. It is, in my opinion, simply the very best route creation platform out there, and all the routes listed on were created using RideWithGPS. App RideWithGPS has an app for both Android, and iOS. The app itself is free, and requires […]

Digital navigation revisited

Digital  navigation while  cycle  touring Quite some time ago I made a conscious decision regarding digital navigation and how I use it. Yes, I’m aware some people prefer paper maps, but much as I love paper maps, the world has moved on, and I moved with it. Digital navigation simply offers far more benefits to […]

Brighton Bimble – the start

Brighton  Bimble? A have a slowly-expanding list of highly-detailed cycle touring route guides, called GoCycle guides. GoCycle bike touring route guides don’t simply show you the way. No, my bicycle touring guides act like a tour leader, and tells you about the landscape through which you’re cycling. A GoCycle guide will keep you on track, […]

But what about your privacy!!?

Is  live-sharing  your  location  always  bad? I recently created a Where’s Will Now page. That page contains an embedded map. When I manually switch on live-logging, the RideWithGPS app on my phone will update that map, and anyone looking at it will be able to see my location. Some will think that in doing so […]

The making of a GoCycle route guide

GoCycle  –  route  guides  you  can  trust You may have wondered what goes into the making of a GoCycle route guide, so I’ll explain the process here. GoCycle guides are multi-day leisure/touring route guides. If you’re a regular visitor to WillCycle, then you would know I’m a huge fan of cycle touring and cycle camping. Alongside […]


LEJOG is a British cycle touring rite of passage. It is short for Land’s End – John O’Groats, and refers to cycling between the two destinations. Prevailing winds mean most people start at the bottom and cycle up, but a fair number cycle it in the opposite direction, when it’s referred to as JOGLE. The […]

Live-sharing your tour

One of the best things about cycle touring is simply escaping the hustle and bustle of the world, while you’re blissfully isolated from so much that may be happening in the world. This gives you the time to focus on the little things, that ultimately matter so much, like some wild flowers growing in a […]

Back to basics: Navigation

“The  sun  never  sets  on  the  British  Empire” To a degree, the story of navigation is the story of the British Empire. Don’t believe me? Well, read on! Today, maps from around the world use a system of longitudes and latitudes. These are imaginary lines all over the earth, with longitudes running from the north […]

Some more thoughts on navigation

I’m an unashamed, proud map-geek, and I generally find navigation easy to do. I also provide digital route guides for a growing number of routes. Over the bank holiday weekend at the end of May, I went cycling the Grand Union Canal, along with a friend of mine, Dom (@Tdr1nka on Twitter). I’ve spent considerable […]

Back to basics: Map reading

But  which  map  is  best? Get together a random group of cyclists, then ask them which is best – paper maps, or digital maps – then sit back and watch the at times surprisingly heated discussion that follows. Cyclists are often reliant on mapping, or some form of navigation, and it seems everyone has their […]

Designing a route

The  difference  between  a  cycling  route  and  a  GOOD  cycling  route Anyone can design a cycling route, but to design a good route requires a bit of thought. For the purposes of this post, I’ll be focusing on longer, ideally multi-day routes. You cannot design a route without a map. The only question is where that […]

Do you chart a course by the stars?

While being able to navigate using the night sky is a great skill to have, there are far better options available to you, starting with a simple map. I freely, and even proudly admit that I’m a map geek. I’ve always been one, since I can remember. Maps, you see, tell stories, and if you wanted […]

Cycle touring and Sustrans routes

In the UK, there’s a charity called Sustrans, and they’re behind something called, perhaps overly optimistically, the National Cycle Network (NCN for short). NCN: a quality lottery NCN routes vary massively in terms of quality – from smooth, sealed, traffic-free surfaces, to swampy quagmires, to busy roads, congested with cars. As a result, many British cyclists […]

Online scratch map

You’ve seen those scratch maps you can get, haven’t you? They allow you to scratch off the foil covering of places you’ve visited on a map, revealing more and more of the map underneath. Though they’re really cool, they do have drawbacks. For starters, the map is a fixed-scale, and usually the scale is such […]

Making a route guide

What actually goes into making a route guide? For me, it begins with research – what sort of route am I thinking of? Do I want a traffic-free and family-friendly route, a fast, hilly and challenging road route, or a leisurely slow route, perhaps with a picnic at the end? Once I know that, I […]

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