LEJOG is a British cycle touring rite of passage. It is short for Land’s End – John O’Groats, and refers to cycling between the two destinations. Prevailing winds mean most people start at the bottom and cycle up, but a fair number cycle it in the opposite direction, when it’s referred to as JOGLE. The […]

Online scratch map

You’ve seen those scratch maps you can get, haven’t you? They allow you to scratch off the foil covering of places you’ve visited on a map, revealing more and more of the map underneath. Though they’re really cool, they do have drawbacks. For starters, the map is a fixed-scale, and usually the scale is such […]

Making a route guide

What actually goes into making a route guide? For me, it begins with research – what sort of route am I thinking of? Do I want a traffic-free and family-friendly route, a fast, hilly and challenging road route, or a leisurely slow route, perhaps with a picnic at the end? Once I know that, I […]

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