The quest for power

Satisfying  your  off-grid  cycle  touring  power  needs Off-grid cycle touring is exactly what the name suggests. Just you and your bike, going places, wild camping along the way. There’s no access to mains power, so you either have to carry sufficient battery capacity with you, or find a way to generate power along the way. […]

The *&|$**! bicycle industry!

Bikes are great! They’re the most efficient form of transport ever invented by humanity, they’re good for the environment, they’re good for your health, and they put a smile on your face. Bikes are simple machines, and that’s one of their strongest benefits. However, the sodding bicycle industry seems totally determined to overcomplicate things as […]

Dynamo update

Several months ago I finally got round to rebuilding my bike’s front wheel around a Shimano hub dynamo and I fitted a dynamo front light. I’ve had a crash in May 2016, which injured my spine in three places, damaged my left thigh and left shoulder and resulted in a torn right calf muscle. As […]


UPDATE: You may want to read this newer blog post, about charging your devices while cycling For years I’ve been threatening to upgrade to a dynamo hub as the idea of generating the power you need to light your way yourself has always appealed to me. Add to that the fact that I enjoy all-night […]

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