Back to basics – Let there be light

I’m a huge fan of cycling in the dark, which is just as well, as almost half the year most cycle commuters cycle in the dark both ways. There’s something completely different about cycling in your personal bubble of light, along otherwise totally dark roads, and I rather strongly feel this is something everyone should … Read more

Darkmoor – the finale

Back in 2012, I heard about the Dunwich Dynamo for the first time. In case you didn’t know, the Dynamo is an all-night bike ride, from London, to a tiny hamlet called Dunwich, in Suffolk. With my kids still being young at the time, there was no chance of me doing that ride, but I … Read more

Ghost Rides!

Kitty Jay’s grave I love cycling at night, on otherwise pitch-dark lanes. It’s a totally different experience, and the reason why I started Darkmoor. However, not everyone thinks cycling 100+ miles, right through the night, is great fun, and people aren’t always able to fit in such rides. Park that there for a moment, and … Read more

Dynamo update

Several months ago I finally got round to rebuilding my bike’s front wheel around a Shimano hub dynamo and I fitted a dynamo front light. I’ve had a crash in May 2016, which injured my spine in three places, damaged my left thigh and left shoulder and resulted in a torn right calf muscle. As … Read more


UPDATE: You may want to read this newer blog post, about charging your devices while cycling For years I’ve been threatening to upgrade to a dynamo hub as the idea of generating the power you need to light your way yourself has always appealed to me. Add to that the fact that I enjoy all-night … Read more

Night cycling

I’m annoyed! But hang on a sec and let me explain from the beginning:Some time ago I stumbled onto a website,,  that deals with something they termed “silly commuter racing”. The principle is simple – when you have two bicycles travelling in the same direction on the same road at the same time then … Read more

Immortality or lack of foresight?

Last night I went cycling, as I usually do most nights. I’ve been getting a tad bored with my normal route, so I thought I’d try something different. My new route took me over Laira bridge and before long I was following the Oreston cycle path, then cutting across Radford lake dam wall.I had a … Read more