Night cycling

Ghost Rides!

Kitty Jay’s grave I love cycling at night, on otherwise pitch-dark lanes. It’s a totally different experience, and the reason why I started Darkmoor. However, not everyone thinks cycling 100+ miles, right through the night, is great fun, and people aren’t always able to fit in such rides. Park that there for a moment, and […]

Dynamo update

Several months ago I finally got round to rebuilding my bike’s front wheel around a Shimano hub dynamo and I fitted a dynamo front light. I’ve had a crash in May 2016, which injured my spine in three places, damaged my left thigh and left shoulder and resulted in a torn right calf muscle. As […]


UPDATE: You may want to read this newer blog post, about charging your devices while cycling For years I’ve been threatening to upgrade to a dynamo hub as the idea of generating the power you need to light your way yourself has always appealed to me. Add to that the fact that I enjoy all-night […]

Night cycling

I’m annoyed! But hang on a sec and let me explain from the beginning:Some time ago I stumbled onto a website,,  that deals with something they termed “silly commuter racing”. The principle is simple – when you have two bicycles travelling in the same direction on the same road at the same time then […]

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