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For years now I’ve been quite vocal in my preference for RideWithGPS. It is, in my opinion, simply the very best route creation platform out there, and all the routes listed on were created using RideWithGPS.


RideWithGPS has an app for both Android, and iOS. The app itself is free, and requires a free account on the RideWithGPS site. I use the RideWithGPS app for navigation when I go cycle touring.

Yes, I go cycle the same multi-day GoCycle routes I sell on here, and use exactly the same app as I suggest you do.

However, with a free RideWithGPS account, the app has limited functionality. For example, it won’t give you voice route guidance. As mine’s not a free account, I have the voice guidance and other features. Nothing stops you from signing up for a paid account, but if you’re simply going to ride one (or more) of my GoCycle routes, I have another option for you.

Another benefit of my GoCycle route guides

When you purchase a GoCycle route guide, as from today you will be invited to be an event participant. What that means is you will receive the full functionality of the RideWithGPS app, even with a free account. You still get to cycle the route whenever you want, but you will have the benefit of voice guidance, and more. All included in the price of the guide!

You’ll be able to pre-download the route, so no data connection may be needed during your ride, you’ll have the voice navigation, and you’ll even be able to live-share your location, so your loved ones can monitor your progress (data connection required, obviously).

Please note that you will only receive the improved functionality with my GoCycle routes. On any other route, the app will still have the same limitations when used with a free account.

Extreme value for money

You have to admit that this makes my tried & tested GoCycle route guides, already bursting with added information, even better value for money. You simply won’t find this feature from anyone else, for these routes.

Managing power

Some time ago, I made a conscious decision to not replace my ageing Garmin Edge 500 GPS computer. Instead, I got myself a rugged, waterproof Android phone, and I now rely on the RideWithGPS app on my phone when cycle touring.

As I expect you know, my approach has some challenges, starting with the fact that running GPS all the time hammers a phone’s battery. However, I have a tried and tested strategy for managing the power while cycle touring, and I suggest you read what works for me. Even if you don’t have a hub dynamo, there’s enough info on that link to help ensure your phone will keep going over a two or three day tour.

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