Four Ferries & Freedom

Remember all those holidays you had in Cornwall? Remember how stunning the county is? There’s a reason why around five million people flock to Cornwall each year! Green rolling hills, quaint seaside villages and stunning beaches are just some of the many attractions Cornwall offers. Your Cornish adventure This year, I’d like you to experience … Read more

More route functionality

RideWithGPS For years now I’ve been quite vocal in my preference for RideWithGPS. It is, in my opinion, simply the very best route creation platform out there, and all the routes listed on were created using RideWithGPS. App RideWithGPS has an app for both Android, and iOS. The app itself is free, and requires … Read more

Four Ferries & Freedom

Cycling  Penzance  to  Plymouth I spent three days cycling from Penzance to Plymouth, wild camping along the way. I wanted to do this route for ages, but kept postponing to go cycling elsewhere in the UK instead. The reason for that’s simple: I know Cornwall reasonably well, but there are large swatches of the UK … Read more

Penzance – Plymouth Pootle – a Travelling Ouballies Ride

Penzance – Plymouth Pootle I’ve wanted to cycle from Penzance to Plymouth for ages now, hugging the coastline. It’s an absolutely stunning part of the world, though as anyone would tell you, Cornwall is hilly. What makes things worse is hugging the coast inevitably means going up and down even more. Now to be fair, … Read more

Brighton Bimble – a Travelling Ouballies ride

Will, from WillCycle, cycle touring along the Brighton Bimble GoCycle route

Brighton  Bimble The Brighton Bimble is the latest in my growing series of GoCycle route guides, and will soon be published. This is the story of when I went to cycle it the first time. Gentle  Adventure I’m a huge fan of what I call Gentle Adventures. These are multi-day rides, though usually only around 100 … Read more

Brighton Bimble – the start

Brighton Pier

Brighton  Bimble? A have a slowly-expanding list of highly-detailed cycle touring route guides, called GoCycle guides. GoCycle bike touring route guides don’t simply show you the way. No, my bicycle touring guides act like a tour leader, and tells you about the landscape through which you’re cycling. A GoCycle guide will keep you on track, … Read more

The making of a GoCycle route guide

GoCycle  –  route  guides  you  can  trust You may have wondered what goes into the making of a GoCycle route guide, so I’ll explain the process here. GoCycle guides are multi-day leisure/touring route guides. If you’re a regular visitor to WillCycle, then you would know I’m a huge fan of cycle touring and cycle camping. Alongside … Read more

GoCycle Guide – Kennet and Avon Canal cycle route

A picture of my laden bicycle, taken on a bridge, while cycling the Kennet And Avon Canal cycle route

Cycle  the  Kennet  and  Avon  Canal Ah, the romance of cycling along canals, wind in your hair, sun on your face, and birds swooping around! You’ll smile and exchange pleasantries with boaters as you pass each other by along the Kennet and Avon Canal cycle route. Canal cycling is gorgeous, usually flat, incredibly scenic, and … Read more

GoCycle – Grand Union Canal

144  miles  in  total,  mostly  flat,  with surfaces  ranging  from  excellent  to  dire The Industrial Revolution laid the groundwork for the world we live in today, and the UK gave birth to the Industrial Revolution. Nothing in that sentence is contentious. What you may find surprising is that the canal network, and in particular the … Read more

GoCycle Expert Guide – Somerset Circle

A touring bicycle on the Somerset levels, during a cycle tour of the Somerset Circle route

Go  exploring  along  the  gorgeous  Somerset  Circle! The UK has many disused railways, and many of these have been converted into shared paths. In fact, Sustrans’ very first path was the Bristol And Bath Rail Path, which follows the course of an old, disused railway, and forms part of the Somerset Circle. The Camel Trail in … Read more

GoCycle Expert Guide – Devon Coast To Coast

Cycling Devon Coast To Coast Guide Want to cycle Devon Coast To Coast but unsure of how to go about it? Worry no more! My Devon Coast To Coast cycle route guide will make your whole experience a better one. It’s more than just a route guide – it’s a Digital Tour Leader! The Devon Coast … Read more