Four Ferries & Freedom

Remember all those holidays you had in Cornwall? Remember how stunning the county is? There’s a reason why around five million people flock to Cornwall each year! Green rolling hills, quaint seaside villages and stunning beaches are just some of the many attractions Cornwall offers.

Your Cornish adventure

This year, I’d like you to experience Cornwall in a whole new way. Get away from the tourist crowds and see places most tourists to Cornwall will never see. And that includes a building that’s been there since the Iron Age!

My Four Ferries & Freedom GoCycle route guide covers the route I cycled in 2022, from Penzance to Plymouth. As is always the case with my GoCycle guides, you know you can trust them, as I personally cycled the route.

A great alternative to the West Kernow Way

I’m a huge fan (and member) of Cycling UK, and of their bikepacking routes, but the West Kernow Way isn’t for everyone. My Four Ferries & Freedom route is aimed at cycle tourers, or people just looking for a gorgeous adventure.

Most of the route is on tar, mainly along quiet rural lanes, often with spectacular sea views. With plenty of welcoming cafés and pubs along the way, you’ll have every excuse to stop regularly.

A great 3-day adventure

Like most of my GoCycle routes, Four Ferries & Freedom is around 100 miles long. Be warned though: Cornwall is renowned for being hilly, and this route goes straight up some very challenging hills! Still, tackled over three days (or more, if you so preferred) you will have plenty of time to stop and rest your legs, in between the hill climbs.

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The route gets its name from the fact that you will cross water four times by ferry, and that (unlike the tourists stuck in one place) you’ll be free to roam along Cornwall’s south coast. You have the option of reducing that to just three ferries, by taking the ferry from Falmouth to Mevagissey.

The route follows a stunning coastline, with many beaches along the way quite close to the route. As you gradually make your way up the coast, you will be visiting some well-known tourist hotspots, but also many places most tourists have never heard of.

Escape options

GoCycle route guides are designed from the outset to give you options, should you for any reason need to cut your adventure short. These are usually in the form of train stations, and there are quite a number of stations on, or very near the route.

Over to you

Go read the story of when I cycled the route. When done, go grab your copy of this route guide for less than the price of a coffee and a croissant. After that, all that remains is for you to go cycle the route. It will be challenging, but you will love it!

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