Competition – with a twist

During my upcoming Irish Adventure, mostly following the Wild Atlantic Way, I’ll have the good fortune of meeting John Devoy, and spending time with him. In fact, we’ll do a short stint of cycling together.

John has been on numerous adventures in his life, and he wrote book about his biggest adventure. He cycled from his native Ireland to to top of Norway, before turning around and cycling to Cape Town.

His book, Quondam (do read the review of it), tell the story of most (but not all) of that adventure. It is a phenomenally good book and you have a chance to win a signed copy!

The rules

Every competition needs to have rules, and this one’s no different. This competition will be in the shape of a quiz. During the 16 days of my ride, I will post one question about Ireland on each day. The winner of the signed copy of Quondam will be the person who answered the most questions correctly.

If multiple people answered all the questions correctly, I’ll use a random only picker to select the winner. Simply enter by leaving a comment on the day’s post. With the last comment you leave, if you wanted a personalised message from John, please say in the comment what that message should be?

The prize can’t be exchanged for anything else (and anyway, why would you want to – it’s a great book!). The winner will be announced after I completed the ride, and the competition closes on the 31st of May 2023.


Well, though I’ve been learning a fair few things about Ireland, I still know embarrassingly little about it. John Devoy curated the questions (and supplied me with the answers).

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What I noticed, speaking to other people, is how little the average Brit seems to know about the UK’s nearest neighbour. As I’ll be cycling through Ireland, and since John’s Irish, an educational quiz about Ireland simply made sense.

I genuinely hope that YOU will win the book. If you’re not fortunate enough, you can buy a copy directly from John’s site, and from all good book shops.

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