When there’s nothing left to say…

Since January 2021, I’ve been churning out a LOT of content, usually posting two posts per week, and at times a lot more.
That resulted in WillCycle having a great deal of content that I’m really proud of. Some things really resonated with visitors to the site. Some of those were expected: my Crash Card post and my highly detailed guide to taking your bike on a train in the UK.

The valuable content

Some posts are full of information, and therefore very popular – my post about cycling the Grand Union Canal, for one, but also my beginner’s guide to cycle touring. A newcomer already proving very popular is my Traffic-free Cycle Routes in the UK page, linking to loads of excellent route guides.

The surprises

Some posts really surprised my. Top of that list is the post about the fake Trangia stove I have. I feel rather guilty about that – so much so that I’ll probably end up buying an actual Trangia stove, as I feel I may have done them a mis-service!

Also, my review of the Chilli Tech Mk II helmet camera proved far more popular than I ever expected.

The future

OK, the headline’s not true: there’s PLENTY left to say. However, posting twice per week, plus curating a newsletter once every two weeks, takes time. A LOT of time!

As a result, I’m scaling back for the moment, to give myself some mental bandwidth. That’s not going to be indefinite: in May 23 I’m setting off to cycle the bottom 700 miles of the Wild Atlantic Way, over 16 days. During that ride I’ll probably post a daily update, though some of those may be quite small updates.

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After my Wild Atlantic Way ride, I may (or may not) return to just a single post per week. We’ll see.


I’ll also be hosting another competition, to give away a signed copy of John Devoy’s absolutely wonderful book, Quondam. My son bought me a copy of the book for my birthday, a few years ago, and it remains my joint-favourite best-ever cycle touring book, alongside Dervla Murphy’s Full Tilt.

I cannot overexaggerate how good a book it is, and I hope that YOU will be the lucky winner. If not, do yourself the enormous favour of buying your own copy. You will want to thank me, once you’ve read it.

Here’s to the future. May it be filled with a great many happy adventures!

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