Why YOU should use RideWithGPS

All the maps on WillCycle are done with RideWithGPS, and that’s for very good reason. I have tried practically every mapping site out there, and find RideWithGPS the most feature-rich, and most straightforward to use.

Best of all, you can use most of the functionality with a free account, and they have an excellent app (Android and iOS). I rely on the RideWithGPS app when cycle touring.

New features

RideWithGPS keep adding new features to make designing routes even better and easier. I want to tell you about one specific new feature, because it directly impacts on some of my routes.

For the record, this is NOT an advertorial! RideWithGPS aren’t paying me to write this, nor did they ask me to. I’m a very happy customer of theirs, is all.

Circular routes

I very often try to design circular multi-day routes, for the simple reason that you finish the ride where you started it. As a result, logistics are vastly simplified. With linear routes, there’s always the problem of either getting to the start, or getting back from the finish. Circular routes just make that so much easier!

Take my Somerset Circle route. As the name suggests, it is a circular route. The .TCX or .GPX files start and end at Bristol Temple Meads train station. But what if you wanted to ride that route, but start in a different place?

A simple right-click is all it takes!

The newly-added feature makes it so easy to change where the route starts and ends! All you have to do is add the route to your own RideWithGPS account, then right-click where you want the new starting point to be. That’s it – RideWithGPS will do the rest and auto-update the cuesheet!

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Nifty trick, eh? All that remains for you to do is to head on over to RideWithGPS and sign up for your free account!

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